Brick or Bread: 2008’s Best and Worst in Alternatives

We’ve had a pretty good run in 2008. As I look back on all the songs that I chose to elaborate on inside “Sunday Selection” some were “bricks” and some were “bread”. As the Auto-Tune continues to haunt us, I’m hoping and praying it finds an untimely death in ‘09, but for some reason I don’t […]

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We’ve had a pretty good run in 2008. As I look back on all

the songs that I chose to elaborate on inside “Sunday Selection” some were

“bricks” and some were “bread”. As the Auto-Tune continues to haunt us, I’m

hoping and praying it finds an untimely death in ‘09, but for some reason I

don’t think it will. This year some artists made it their best friend, while

others chose to remain original. All in all, let’s look back on what was

“brick” and what was “bread” in ‘08.



N.E.R.D – “Everyone


Even though this song didn’t

gain complete mainstream notoriety, everyone nose…it was a banger. The remix was hot too and definitely shouted out all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom. You know who you are! Great comeback for N.E.R.D.Everyone Nose – N.E.R.D


Jazmine Sullivan –

“Need U Bad”

There’s something special

about Jazmine Sullivan. Although she’s only beginning to get her feet wet, in

time we’ll see what else she has to offer beyond her hits this year “Need U

Bad” and “Bust Your Windows”.Need U Bad – Jazmine Sullivan


Usher f/Beyoncé, Lil Wayne

– “Love In This Club (Remix)”

Usher came back on top with

the original for this joint and the remix only reminded you again that Usher’s

still got it.


New Kids on The Block

ft/Ne Yo – “Single”

Ok, ok! For all of these guys

to be knocking at 40, their comeback was totally unexpected and crazy! They all

still looked and sounded good, and you whether you want to admit it or not,

this song was bread.


Jennifer Hudson –


It’s crazy how Jennifer

Hudson gained so much fame before actually releasing her first album. Sometimes

you can’t control your destiny and while “Spotlight” was a hit we really didn’t

get to see J Hud enjoy the wave that an artist has when they have a big first

single. When you think of “Spotlight” you’ll always remember the tragedy that

followed it. But overall it made its mark in ‘08.Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson


Beyoncé – “Single

Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” / “If I Were a Boy”

Both of these songs were

expected to be big hits, and right now as we speak they are still climbing the

charts. Beyoncé has returned, but will “I AM….Sasha Fierce” do as well as

Beyoncé’s first and second albums? Guess we have to stay tuned.


Brandy – “Right Here


Welcome back Brandy! We

missed you. You probably won’t go platinum, but we’re glad to see you again.Right Here (Departed) – Brandy


Ciara f/T Pain – “Go


Ci Ci typically come thru

with a few good hits. This is one of them. Hopefully we’ll get an album out of

her in 09’.


Nina Sky f/Rick Ross

– “Curtain Call”

Natalie and Nicole have one

of the mellowest sounds I’ve heard in years. This joint was a banger and even

if it didn’t climb the charts, it was still “bread” in ‘08.Curtain Call – Nina Sky featuring Rick Ross


Estelle F/Sean Paul –

“Come Over”

From day one, Estelle caught

your attention. “American Boy” was a feel good joint, while “Come Over” comes

behind it with the same momentum. Don’t sleep. Estelle got that good good.


Ashanti – “The Way

That I Love You”

She’s the chick so many love

to hate, but Ashanti is guaranteed to give us at least two good singles every

times she emerges and this was one of them. The Way That I Love You – Ashanti


Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne

– “Turning Me On”

Sometimes a hit songwriter’s

attempt to be successful as an artist doesn’t always equally measure up. I’ll

admit I was skeptical of Ms. Keri to start. Her first single “Energy” was

decent, but didn’t pack a punch. But when I heard “Turning Me On” I thought, ok

I think she’s got something here. The song is a straight banger! Set to drop in

‘09 too, I think Keri is going to be around for a long time to come.




R Kelly – “Skin”

Three words. Wiggedy, Wiggedy

Wack. This song was a waste of budget.


Pretty Ricky –

“Knockin’ Boots ‘08”

One word. Why?


TGT – “Sex”

Nice Try. Tank, Ginuwine and

Tyrese. Stick to your solo careers. It might have seemed like a good idea in

the beginning, but it’s merely an after thought now.


Monica f/ Ludacris –

“Still Standing”

This song wasn’t bad per se,

but it wasn’t bread for Monica. I’m hoping ‘09 will mark her return. R&B is

missing you girl.Still Standing – Monica ft Ludacris


Day26 – “Got Me


Um…in five years no one will

remember these guys.


Mariah Carey – “Bye

Bye (remix)”

Mimi got side tracked when

she said “I Do” to a fella 9 years her junior. Her album had way more potential

than it will be remembered for. Def Jam dropped the ball on this one and so did

she. But I still love you Mi Mi!! Hands down your still one of the greatest.


Ray J – “Snake in

The Grass”

Ray J…WTF were you thinking?


Jamie Foxx f/Lil Wayne

– “Number One”

The creation of this song was

another waste of good talent in the same room. Jamie Foxx is the man, but this

joint has no potential of ever reaching “number one”.Number One – Jamie Foxx ft Lil Wayne



The-Dream f/ Lil Jon

– “Let Me See That Bootay”

The-Dream can do better than



Keri Hilson f/R. Kelly

– “Shake it Like a Dawg”

Again, gotta use those three

words. Wiggedy, Wiggedy Wack! This song should forever just be a leaked track

on the Internet that never ends up as released material.Shake It Like a Dawg – Keri Hilson ft R. Kelly


We had some good ones and

some bad ones in 2008. I can’t wait to see what 2009 has to offer!