Entertainment Executive Greg Browning Influences The Culture Through Inspirational Apparel Line “Watch God Work”

Inspired by tragic loss, Greg created the brand to encourage others.

As the manager of Grammy-winning R&B group, 112, entertainment executive Greg Browning is familiar with change. But nothing could have prepared him  for the untimely death of his father-in-law.

“Throughout his fight against COVID-19, I continued to remind my family ‘Watch God work’, Greg explained. I would offer my wife uplifting words and reminded her that He (God) is going to pull us all through this.’

Though the Brownings eventually suffered a great loss, a new brand was birthed, and pushed the family to continue to keep their faith. The message “Watch God Work” was very simple, but powerful enough to thrust this burgeoning company into the limelight, merging faith and fashion with an encouraging word that is not specific to a particular religion, but can be applied to any thought process of being faithful and hopeful for better.

The Watch God Work Wear brand, less than one year old, has expanded from its headquarters in College Park, Georgia to a second location in San Diego and has been shipped across the 50 states. The apparel line started with t-shirts of varying designs, but has emerged with sweat suits, hoodies, socks, and other pieces to complement the slogan. The company’s initiative to promote positivity and awareness has spawned a scholarship fund in its name, featured in many fashion shows, and even caught the eye of many celebrities, professional athletes, influencers.

“Everyone can relate to the message of this brand. Throughout any process or anything we may go through in life, we have to be patient and watch how it all will work out in the end,” Greg says.

His uplifting quote: “I see myself in the future, and things look a whole lot better” has inspired an entire culture to trust their process and watch God work. 

The PopUp Shop Apparel Store, headquarters of Watch God Work Wear, is located 2459 Roosevelt Highway in College Park, Georgia. 

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