FOR MEN ONLY: Step It Up On Valentine’s Day: 10 Songs To Play For Your Woman


Let’s face it, fellas, impressing a woman is something most of us men have a hard time doing. The old-fashioned method of flowers and candy can only be trusted 50 percent of the time, while public displays of affection have seemingly gone out of style.

If there is tried-and-true method from the beginning of time, music is a must during Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to spice things up this holiday or simply want to express your love, here are the Top 10 R&B songs to play or sing for your woman this Valentine’s Day…

#10: Ginuwine – “So Anxious”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “You say you’re working, well hit me just as soon as your shift is over, And I’ll be waiting, ‘cause I can’t sleep for reminiscing”

VERDICT: If you needed to pick one song out of Ginuwine’s entire catalog, “So Anxious” would be your best bet. One of his best and most known hits, playing this song right before a hand-made meal is sure to help keep the sparks flying in your relationship.


#9:  R. Kelly – “Your Body’s Callin”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “Whatever it is you want from me, baby, you see you don’t have to say nothing, I know your body want something,, And it’s easy for me to see”

VERDICT: Nothing says, “I want you” more than R. Kelly’s 1994 single, “Your Body’s Callin’.” One of the more famous “baby-making” songs of the 1990s, R Kelly expresses his love for not only his woman’s body but also her mind and soul. Be careful before playing this one.


#8: D’Angelo – “Untitled (How Does it Feel)”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “And if you’ll have me, I can provide everything that you desire”

VERDICT: Although it may be a little direct,  D’Angelo’s#### single “Untitled” is the song that gets things excited on your lady’s special day. Shirtless performance not required.


#7: Al Green – “Here I Am, Baby”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “Let me be the one you come running to, I’ll never be untrue”

VERDICT: The legendary Al Green has a catalog full of songs that women enjoy, but arguably none more enticing than “Let’s Stay Together.” The song has become such a traditional love song that even President Barack Obama performed the song at an appearance at the Apollo Theater. Something good must be going on in the Obama home!


#6: Musiq Soulchild – “Don’t Change”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “I’ll love you when your hair turns gray, girl, I’ll still want you if you gain a little weight yeah”

VERDICT: “Don’t Change” has become a fixture at many weddings across the country as Musiq Soulchild expresses his undying appreciation for his significant other through music. Express yours by playing this song for that special person in your life – this is some grown man stuff right here.


#5: Joe – “All That I Am”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “But what I’ve got a give is more precious, Than you’ll ever know, My deepest inner feelings, my heart and soul”

VERDICT: Is there a more personal song in the immense music library of Joe? If you can’t figure out the exact words to express your feelings, play this song and thank me later.


#4: Prince – “Adore”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see”

VERDICT: Known for his passion within his lyrics, Prince has been making the hearts of women curl for over 30 years. What better way to express your feelings than by playing one of the most lyrically deep and sexy love songs ever written?


#3: Tyrese – Sweet Lady

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “I’ll be there when you need me, just call and receive me”

VERDICT:  Few songs will leave more of an impression on your lady than Tyrese’s “Sweet Lady.” It may not be a legendary song, but the sweet undertones of the lyrics will set the mood of any Valentine’s Day.


#2: Boyz II Men – “I’ll Make Love To You”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE: “Girl your wish is my command, I submit to your demands”

VERDICT: If it’s been a tough 2012 for your relationship, this might be the song you need to turn things back in your favor. What woman doesn’t want her man to submit to their demands every once in a while?


#1: Keith Sweat – “Nobody”

MOST ROMANTIC LINE:  “I want to please you, I want to show you baby, that I need you”

VERDICT: A classic that will bring any woman wishing for romance to her knees. Mr. New Jack Swing himself, Keith Sweat, tops the list as “Nobody” gives the perfect mix of devotion and suck-up ratio to keep your Valentine’s Day spicy this year.

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