Get to Know: Jamie Jones

Artist: Jamie Jones   Location: DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) by way of High Point, North Carolina.   Influences: Cindy Lauper, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Pink, India Arie, Mariah Carey.   Why You Should Know Jamie Jones:   In 2000, when BET’s 106 & Park countdown debut, it seemed as if the show would mainly […]

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Artist: Jamie Jones


Location: DMV area

(Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) by way of High Point, North Carolina.


Influences: Cindy

Lauper, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Pink, India Arie, Mariah Carey.


Why You Should Know Jamie Jones:


In 2000, when BET’s 106 & Park countdown debut, it seemed as if the show would

mainly serve as a platform for celebrities. We see now that it actually does

the same for up-coming artists, longing for a moment in the limelight. The

shows Wild ‘n’ Out Wednesday and Freestyle

Friday segments have opened the door for

many unsigned artists to showcase their talents and connect with music industry



A young lady won the 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday [W.O.W] All-Star final and performed at Blaze the Stage. As a twice a year showcase,

Blaze the Stage features the most popular unsigned R&B acts, Hip-Hop acts,

and Dance teams, who have competed in the W.O.W. competition.


Her name is Jamie Jones; an R&B/ Pop/Rock songstress/songwriter,

and a native of High Point, North Carolina, which also happens to be the

hometown of Fantasia Barrino. Jamie hooked up with her management team while in

high school and since then has shared the stage with a few well-known artists.

She also has worked with an array of producers from Hip Hop icon Kwamé to

Precision and other newcomers in the production world. 


Though she is still rather young at 20, Jaime has much

respect and admiration for old school R&B, which can be seen as she put her

own twist on the Stylistics classic hit “You Make Me Feel Brand New.” At the

same time, she deems herself as an ‘80s baby, which is easily reflected in her



For most of Jamie’s life, she knew that she was headed

towards music, but high school is where she really started to take it

seriously. As she looks back on her years in school, she remembers how all of

her elective classes had to do with the arts. She was in piano and in chorus

since the third grade.


Her first solo really set it off and after that she was so

hungry to get back on the stage. She was eager to be in the spotlight and sing

in front of a lot of people; now she wanted to take it further.


Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of luck, and in this

scenario, Jamie would agree. While in high school, a teacher heard through her

peers that she could sing and dance. He approached her one day in the hallway

and he explained to her that his brother manages artists.


It wasn’t too long before Jamie and her parents made a trek

to Maryland to have a meeting. Since then, they’ve been working diligently

making moves on the music front. On weekends while still in school, she

traveled north, so she could record. After graduating, it was obvious that it

was time for Jamie to make the move that would help further her career.


“I moved up here [DC] because the studio is up here. I

work with Reginald Rainey of X-Posure Entertainment, my management company. So

he’s up here, the studios and the producers that I work with are here. It was a

move I had to make in order to get the project going,” says Jamie.


Jamie’s new found fame has many people that she went to high

school with hitting her up on MySpace, Facebook and calling her phone non-stop,

but of course it’s all warranted. Besides her old buddies, there are also

people interested in the movement that her song “Whatever” has created. The

track, which she performed on 106 & Park, speaks about her bi-racial background, as she often refers to herself

as a mutt.


“The mutt thing actually started because of my mom –

she always called herself a mutt. So me being young and hearing her say it,

that’s my mom, she’s a mutt and I’m a mutt too! I kind of embraced it; she

doesn’t really know her background and I don’t either. I have to embrace it, I

am who I am – I’m Black, I’m white, what if I’m Asian? I used it as a

good thing, for anyone else out there that is of mixed race, it’s okay. Don’t

feed into the gossip or the negative energy. Just be you!”


So as of late, she’s been in talks to open up for more

artists such as Rihanna, among others. Jamie’s just happy that so many shows

are forthcoming and she’s in demand from New York to Los Angeles for a variety

of events.


She has visited a couple of major labels, but of course

couldn’t give up too much information just yet. Constantly praying that her

dreams will come true, the rising star claims that hopefully 2009 will be her

year. In the meantime, Jamie is keeping busy recently stepping in the studio

with super producer Swizz Beatz and the two created her next single “Ayo.” 


“We went over there for a visit, met everybody and we

just thought it would be a good idea to get Swizz on a couple of records. He

heard my songs, understood the direction of my music and was all for it. He

even wanted to do a treatment to one of the songs that I have. Working with

him, he was wonderful; he was so humble and gave me a lot of insight on the

industry. It was definitely a good experience being around him,” she says.


Now that Jamie is doing more performances and recording,

she’s learning about her edgy side as an artist who’s not afraid to take risks

and loves challenges.


“I’m going to bring a different energy, since I’m so inspired

by the ‘80s. I’m going to try to fuse the ‘80s rock with R&B. I want to

become a crossover artist that’s not afraid to take that edge and just try to

put it in people’s faces. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I came

from learning that I have to work hard in this world, and I’m determined and

disciplined. So I just want all of that to come out in my music and I want

young girls to relate to me. I’m just hoping that I can really make a mark.”


The burgeoning singer has so much that she is ready for

everyone to see, that is why the one word she chose that could define her is

multifaceted. There are many aspects of her as a person and as an artist, she

claims. She is hoping that it comes across in her music, through interviews and

when she is on TV.


Jamie wants her fans to see her personality, talent, and

understand Jamie Jones, the artist and person.

Realizing that she has a long road ahead of her, she is already prepping for

everything that comes along with stardom.


“You have to stay focused and you have to stay hungry. I

haven’t made it yet; I’m nowhere close to where I want to be. I’m still pushing

and trying to stay on my path. There are so many things that can take you off

that path; you have to want it so bad. There’s a reason why only a hand full of

people make it in this industry, you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot and

bust your butt to get it.”


Follow Jamie Jones on her voyage through the music industry,

check out  or



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