ICTV Wants You To Take Pride In Content Ownership

ICTV’s goal is to shift the paradigm in media & entertainment for content and content creators who may not otherwise ever have a table they’re allowed to join.

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ICTV is black-owned and boasts a female CEO.  ICTV’s CEO Jana Haynes is a television executive whose portfolio reflects the likes of everyone from Netflix to Bravo, Hulu, Amazon, and a plethora of successful digital and linear networks. Coupled with being able to generate millions of dollars of revenue as a seasoned marketing professional, ICTV is destined to be great and is currently in partnerships with key talent, brands, and corporate entities in anticipation of establishing a digital ecosystem of its own that takes being a content creator to a whole new level of ownership. ICTV is a worldwide digital streaming service offering an ownership piece in distribution and in creative content. They target creatives who have built an audience through grassroots efforts, influence or even prior mainstream work who have organic intermix of supporters who are committed to the content that they produce.   The primary focus of ICTV is to offer independent writers, artists, creatives, and filmmakers an infrastructure of support, whether that be in marketing & PR, production & distribution, content creation in music, television & theater, or all of the above, while allowing them to maintain majority ownership in their creative content. Ownership over censorship is paramount at ICTV.   Stay connected with ICTV! IG: @ictelevision Twitter: @ictelevision1 FB: @ictelevision Web: www.ictelevision.com