Michelle Williams Talks Her New Album, Rumors of Beyonce’s Pregnancy, and the Destiny’s Child Reunion

Having been a member of the biggest selling female group of all time Destiny’s Child for more than eight years, Michelle Williams is re-embarking on her solo career. With a single out and a hotly anticipated album on the way, Williams is preparing to silence the naysayers.In this in-depth interview, the 27-year-old star opens up […]

Having been a member of the biggest selling female group of all time Destiny’s Child for more than eight years, Michelle Williams is re-embarking on her solo career. With a single out and a hotly anticipated album on the way, Williams is preparing to silence the naysayers.In this in-depth interview, the 27-year-old star opens up about several issues including her critics, the constant comparisons to her band mates Beyonce and Kelly, as well as serving up the Unexpected with her new record.   AllHipHop.com Alternatives: Hey Michelle, how are you? Michelle Williams: I’m great thank you. How are you? AHHA: Good thanks. I love your new video… Michelle: Aww, Thank you… It was actually directed by a UK director.  AHHA: Really, that’s great. Is it important for you to find talent from outside the US? Michelle: Absolutely, especially the UK…I love the UK. We were actually just talking about getting out there to do a showcase or something. I can’t wait to come out there again.  AHHA: Kelly Rowland seems to have set up home [in the UK]… Michelle: I know right. She’s been over there a long time. I miss her; tell her to come back. [laughs] She’s doing her thing over there; I’m very excited for her. AHHA: So let’s talk about your new material. You’ve had a lot of success with your gospel albums; what made you decide to come back to Pop and R&B music? Michelle: I guess because I just love all types of music and it’s something that I missed. It’s not something new to me. This is what everyone knows me best for, from my Destiny’s Child days. I feel like I owed the Destiny’s Child fans a solo Pop album. Although this is a new sound for me – it’s Pop, but it’s got an edge to it.  AHHA: The Pop critics can be very harsh. Were you ever scared to come back and do it alone this time? Michelle: I never go into something thinking about what they critics are going to say. If I did, I wouldn’t do it because it would probably scare me too much. [laughs] Anything I have ever done in my life – where I knew it was going to be criticized – I never thought about it.  AHHA: Have the critics ever got you down or affected your confidence? Michelle: Yeah, especially in the beginning. But if you know who you are and you know what you bring to the table and you’re consistent in it and confident, then no one can bring you down.  AHHA: Are we going to see a new side of you on this album? Michelle: I am so happy with this project. I feel blessed to be able to approve every song that went on the album. There really is not one song on the album that I cringe when I listen to. I am very satisfied. You don’t really see a new side, but you will see a confident, outgoing, sexy young lady…I’ve grown so much in the past couple of years, and I’m just ready to showcase that. AHHA: That’s the message I got from your video. Michelle: Absolutely!  People can tell that I’m having fun and every time I watch my video, I crack up. AHHA: Who have you worked with on this album? Michelle: So I have Solange Knowles who did some writing on the album, you know how we keep it in the family. I have some UK producers who add the whole Euro sound to the album; actually that’s pretty much how I would describe my entire album. It definitely has the whole Euro vibe to it. I also worked with Stargate. I worked with a few different production teams actually.  AHHA: A lot of American artists seem to be going for the Euro vibe I have noticed.Michelle: You know I wasn’t planning or purposely going for the Euro sound, but it was just this one song that I recorded and I was like, “This is my thing… this is my lane.” The song that I am talking about actually sounded like something that Prince and Sheila E would have done; it has that Pop bounce that you just know is a hit when you hear it.  AHHA: Ok, sounds interesting. What subjects do you cover on the album? Michelle: I target heartbreak, I target feeling on top of the world. I target someone being deceptive, which is what the title track is about…having fun. You know most of the songs are very up-tempo, but they still say something.  AHHA: Did you write any of the material for this album? Michelle: Actually, I did not write anything on this album, but I was there when all the songs were being written so I had a hand in the process. So I still hold a personal link to those songs.  AHHA: Do you feel as an artist you are under rated since most of the shine was always given to Beyonce and Kelly? Michelle: Most definitely. I hope I am able to change that perception. I’m going to take my time, move at a steady pace and try to change the perception people have about me. I want to get people to say, “Ok, she’s not playing. She means business.” People will see. [laughs] They should have taken note before, but they will.  AHHA: Are you nervous about doing it alone? Michelle: Yeah, but it’s a good nervous. I’m going to turn the nerves into good energy.  AHHA: Have Kelly and Beyonce both heard the new album? Michelle: Yes, they have both heard the entire album and have given it their approval. They really love the album.  AHHA: When the group first split up, were you worried you would drift apart from Beyonce and Kelly who have known each other since childhood? Michelle: Absolutely not…We have come too far to just drift apart. To maintain our relationships, we all work hard too always communicate and make time for each other.   AHHA: Do you think a Destiny’s Child reunion will ever happen in the future? Michelle: Oh absolutely. There’s not a doubt in any of our minds, but that will have to be a decision we will all have to organically come to. It won’t be something that happens anytime soon though.  AHHA: Is Matthew (Knowles) still your manager? Michelle: He sure is. AHHA: It’s nice to see you guys have stayed such a strong unit. Michelle: Thank you so much. It really is easy to do. You just got to stay focused.  AHHA: Do the constant claims that you were being mistreated in the group get to you? And do the claims that Matthew (Knowles) only being interested in Beyonce get to you? Michelle: You know what’s crazy to me, people really want to see that. They want to think the worse.  AHHA: Do you think you got enough opportunity to showcase your talent while in Destiny’s Child? Michelle: I think so, but that’s a part of being in a team. Not everyone in the team can be the one who scores the winning basket. There can’t be twenty-four Kobe Bryants on the court…I played my part very well, and now I have my chance to shine.  AHHA: You seem to be a very positive person. Michelle: I have to be. I’m not saying that I’m never in a bad mood or anything, but you reap what you sew. I want to always try to think positive and put positive energy out into the universe.  AHHA: Do you have any goals? Michelle: Umm. I want my album to sell like hotcakes. [laughs] I can’t lie and be one of those artists who say they don’t care about sales. I want a Platinum record. [laughs] AHHA: I think Gold is the new Platinum… Michelle: That’s right, girl. I’ll be happy with that.  AHHA: How is your personal life? Are you in a relationship? Michelle: My love life is so unfortunate. I haven’t had any luck this year. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been in a really serious relationship. Every now and then, you might think you’re coming up on a winner, and then it doesn’t work out. It’s like, I am now falling in that percentage of women who could possibly be single for the rest of their life because of their career or what they do. And I don’t want that. I definitely hope to have a husband and kids in the future.  AHHA: Talking about marriage…How was Beyonce’s wedding? Michelle: I don’t know what you are talking about. [laughs]AHHA: Ok I really believe you, but moving on, is Beyonce pregnant? Michelle: I can tell you she is definitely not pregnant!We Break The Dawn – Michelle Williams