Reacquainted, Redirected, Reintroduced:’s Interview With Former Day26 Member Willie Taylor


Whether it was going through the various motions of the selection process on “Making The Band 4”, or singing some of the most powerful ballads of the new millennium with his former group Day26, Willie Taylor has taken his amazing voice and used it to vocally seduce the eardrums of fans worldwide.

Now he’s back and striking out on his own with his new project, The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor. Check out’s interview with the newly-solo crooner, Willie Taylor: Hey Willie, thanks for taking the time out. For those who weren’t familiar with Day26 or with your stint on “Making The Band”, can you share with the readers how you got started?

Willie Taylor: OK, I started out worldwide on an MTV show that was put together by P. Diddy called “Making the Band 4”. This was a competition in order to be a part of his “super group,” and I was one of the five winners. I joined that group, Day26, soon after. We put out two Billboard #1 albums and won a BET Award for best group in 2009. After that, I put out my first solo mixtape, Sextape, in 2010 (it got 2.5 million downloads), and now, I Just released my sophomore solo mixtape, The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor. OK, so talk to us about the new project. What inspired it, and what is the concept? Willie Taylor: After the breakup of Day26 earlier this year, I had to hurry up and strike while the fire was still lit, and do it in a light that I now want to be seen in. The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor mixtape is just that. It shows Willie Taylor as a well-rounded artist. So, why did you feel a “reintroduction” of you was important? Willie Taylor: I feel when you’re put in to a situation the way I was, people never take the time to really get to know your full potential as a artist. This time I want them to know Willie Taylor – the writer, singer, performer, actor, model, CEO. I want them to know me! Very nice. So then, what are you hoping your fans and potential new listeners will take away from this new project? Willie Taylor: That Willie Taylor is a true artist and deserves and needs to be here on top! So, what would you say you personally took away from it?   Willie Taylor: I took from this project how hard of a worker I am, and how blessed I am to be able to do it myself. What if anything have you learned about yourself through this period of coming back onto the scene as a solo artist? Willie Taylor: Just that I really believe in myself and my talents, because nobody could take me off my mission. Please forgive me for this next question, it’s totally not my style, and I am embarrassed to ask it, but I need to get it out of the way because I will get beat to a pulp by the ladies if I don’t. Your instagram is riddled with pictures of your workouts and things of that nature etc. Who are you posting those pictures for? [laughter] Willie Taylor: Most def, they are for the ladies to enjoy and to see how hard I’m going for this next mission. So tell them I said ‘enjoy!’ [laughter] I’ll let you be the one to send that message! [laughter] Alright, now back to business, I know all the traveling has to be hard on you and your family. How do you deal with the pressures of taking care of home while you are away? Willie Taylor: I have a very supportive family, so when I’m on the road working, I really get to stay focused. If you only had five words to describe your music, what would they be? Willie Taylor: Sexy , real, heartfelt, emotional, needed. And lastly, how will you know if Willie Taylor has been properly reintroduced? Willie Taylor: The old and new fans reaction to the movement, and so far this mission has been looking amazing. Please tell the people how they can keep up with you… Willie Taylor: On Twitter, hit me up (@Willie_day26). That is going to change soon, lol – and on Instagram, I’m @Willie_Taylor.   DOWNLOAD The Reintroduction Of Willie Taylor HERE

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