Syleena Johnson Talks about her New Album & R. Kelly Fall-Out


After collaborating on Kanye’s 2004 hit, “All Falls Down”, Grammy award nominated Syleena Johnson had seen her fair share of political gambit in the industry.


Leaving her Jive Records home and beginning the journey as an independent artist, Syleena confessed that this has been a trying, yet highly rewarding experience.

Nonetheless, her voice transcends all tribulation as she continues to deliver soulful projects to which any listener can relate.

Syleena’s latest release, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy, is a reflective piece that embodies both her passion and personal life.

Going through her own couples therapy with husband, ex-NBA player Kiwane Garris, Syleena’s eleventh album examines the complexities of relationships and delves into the core of the heart.


Watch as AHH chats with Syleena about her new album:


On her new album, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy:

It’s coming out October 27th….It’s an amazing album about relationships and I think everyone will be able to relate to it.

I approach every chapter [of her albums] from life experience.

My husband and I recently realized we have some communication issues…so we took to therapy last year around September, and then just recently they asked us to do Marriage Bootcamp on WeTV, so we just filmed that which was amazing for our marriage. We are so excited that we did that because it really made us stronger. And, October 27th Couples Therapy will release and that will be therapeutic for us and everyone else as well. You have to talk about it to be able to open up the lines of communication within your marriage.


On why her longtime collaborator R. Kelly is not featured on the album:

Robert he’s just doing his own thing, and he’s dancing to a different tune. Although he is one of not the most talented people that I know in the world, and I will always respect him music-wise, but I just think that he’s just growing in a different direction, and I’m growing in a different direction & we don’t always have to collaborate for things to do well.


Syleena Johnson’s new album, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy drops on October 27th. Will you be listening?


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