The Carolina Kitchen Is Food For Thought & Food For Your Soul – Hip-Hop’s Newest Hot Spot

Carolina Kitchen is raising the bar and setting a new standard.

Food has a historic culture. It’s our history. It has a story and it can be very transformational. Food is always an adventure  with a mouth-watering combustion of savory flavors. It is no surprise that everyone loves food; *tasting it, feeling it, and just the smell of it can stop you in your tracks. The food looks so good that you have to take pictures of each plate; share it on social media, and above all else, experience it and talk about it!  

The owner, Dr. Lance London, received the 2022 President Joe Biden Presidential Award and was honored at the Power Networking Conference as “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2022. Dr. London is no stranger to success and knows his way  around a kitchen. Presently operating multiple successful Carlina Kitchen restaurants in the DMV, Dr. London is currently underway with the expansion of seven additional restaurants throughout Maryland and D.C. The Carolina Kitchen currently  serves over 1.3 million patrons annually. 

The Carolina Kitchen has a reputation and savoir-faire for inclusive atmospheres, and decadent southern cuisine beckons some of the most notable people in the world – stars like Hip-Hop icons, Lil Baby, Future, Meek Mill, Wale, Jamie Foxx, and  T.I. are amongst regular patrons that frequent Carolina Kitchen for an experience that is good for the stomach and great for the soul – the fusion of culture and culinary satiation speaks to an impeccable dining experience. Just ask a few of your  fave Hip-Hop stars, and they’ll tell you that Carolina Kitchen is at the top of their list, right up there with Spotify’s coveted Rap Caviar.

Happiness is great food and great company. The  Carolina Kitchen is the culinary embodiment of this philosophy. 

Stay tuned, Stay connected and I’ll see you at the Carolina Kitchen  where you get your chicken and much much more. 



Recent Developments 

Summer 2023 

– Dr. Lance London’s popular restaurant chain “The Carolina Kitchen” – will be the culinary experience of choice for a  notable women’s organization. 

– Dr. Lance London will be one of two celebrity experts to judge a cooking competition against the Police and Fire  departments of Prince George’s County, Maryland. The event will boast attendees such as Marylands Governor Wes  Moore and other important public figures, politicians, and dignitaries to a crowd of approximately five thousand  people. 

 Accompanied by his huge crew, Dr. London is relocating the warehouse for NéVetica, an innovative concept in pet care  inspired by the tragic loss of his beloved dog “Rocky”- Dr. Lance London turned tragedy into a triumphant experience with  a successful pet brand that is the ultimate white glove experience for pets. The decision to move to a new location was  necessary to accommodate NéVetica’s flourishing sales. “Stay tuned, Stay connected and I’ll see you at the Carolina Kitchen  where you get your chicken and much much more”