The Last Word: 50 Wants Susan Boyle, R. Kelly’s Book Comes, Rihanna’s Lethal Lesbian

How’s life everybody? Feel a little bit under the weather and Tiger Woods and golf’s freaky other side gets exposed, the health care reform issue makes strides, Obama sets the stage for 30,000 more troops to occupy Afghanistan with an exit strategy, cold weather grips much of the country, leaders assemble for the U.N. climate […]

How’s life everybody? Feel a little bit under the weather and Tiger Woods and golf’s freaky other side gets exposed, the health care reform issue makes strides, Obama sets the stage for 30,000 more troops to occupy Afghanistan with an exit strategy, cold weather grips much of the country, leaders assemble for the U.N. climate change conference and As the World Turns gets cancelled after 54 years on the air.  Nothing like a little scandal and politics to help you get well after being out last week. Gotta love it.


Thoughts and prayers go out to Tyler Perry, whose mother died at age 64. Shout out to the sounding boards for reminding me that the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.


Let’s all gather round for ….the Last Word for the week ending Dec. 11, 2009.



1.       Susan Boyle Lands on 50 Cent’s Hitmaking Radar


This year has been too good to be true for Susan Boyle. From becoming an overnight sensation after blowing people away with her voice on Britain’s Got Talent to selling more records than Beyonce with her debut album, Miss Boyle has the world in her hands.


So where does she go from here? Maybe to the studio with 50 Cent. Apparently, the G-Unit frontman ranks among Boyle’s admirers as he voices his intention to collaborate with the shy singer on what could only be described as the most unique musical collaboration ever.


“Susan Boyle is hot right now. I got to get her on a track, for real. We’d make a hit,” 50 expressed to The Mirror. “…She’s got an amazing voice, and together we’d get everyone dancing. I’m always looking to do something new and she’s cool, so I’ll ask somebody to let her know.” And if that wasn’t enough, imagine 50 and Boyle painting the town red together for a night out.

“I’d love to take her clubbing, show her around my world,” said 50, who believed that Boyle would “have a great time.”


Now I’m all for a unique collaboration. There’s nothing like two artists from different realms hooking up for a hit. Or at least something to make people say ‘What the hell is this?” After all, there was Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez (“I’m Real,” “Ain’t It Funny”), Mariah Carey and the late, great ‘Ol Dirty Bastard (“Fantasy” remix) and Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy (“Whatzupwitu”).


But this? I don’t know. Sounds like a 2010 version of “Ebony and Ivory” in the making, but you never know. Maybe they could put together a Best of Both Worlds type project and tour. Picture this, summertime 2010. Susan Boyle and 50 Cent together on stage for their highly-anticipated joint tour. If Kanye and Lady Gaga weren’t able to pull it off, maybe 50 and Susan can. Like I said, you never know.



2.       Tamala Jones Guns for More Hollywood Respect, Desires Biopic Close-Up


In life, there will always be times when a little motivation is needed to get to the next level. For some, it’s a life-changing event or experience. For others, it’s “real talk” from those who know you best. For Tamala Jones, it’s George Clooney. Or rather acting alongside Clooney in the new film Up in the Air.


The feature centers on Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, a corporate hatchet man who loves his life on the road but is forced to fight for his job when his company downsizes its travel budget. Jones plays a suicidal worker who has to adjust when she’s fired from her job.

Although she is known for her work in the films Two Can Play That Game, The Wood, The Brothers and Kingdom Come, Jones is determined to expand herself as an actress while searching for roles that expect more from her. As for Up in the Air, the actress has no shame in revealing the two reasons she signed on for the critically acclaimed film.


“George Clooney and Jason Reitman. It was time for me to start playing with the big boys. I don’t care how small the role is, I need to be seen with these guys. These are the guys who are getting films greenlit,” Jones told Black “I’ve been doing Black Hollywood, if you will, for a very long time and I said, “I have to start all over now.” I have to start letting people see what I can do other than comedy.”


And so begins a new quest. With biopics being the hot movie genre, would it be crazy to see Tamala bring the life story of a legendary figure to life? If no is your answer, then consider two people she would love to portray.


“I would like to do a story on Minnie Riperton. We know her but a lot of people do not know who she is, we don’t understand the energy behind the voice. I think that would be such a great story because here is this woman who had such a beautiful spirit and gift to sound like a bird. I would love to do that,” said Jones. “I have another one I’m kind of on the fence about, because it’s two stories. The Tammi Terrell story, and if you’re gonna tell her story you have to tell Marvin Gaye’s story. I know there’s been people who’ve tried to tell this story for awhile, and there’s been some issues with the family. Not a lot of people know she was in the business at 15-years-old. She sang backup for James Brown. She married a champion boxer before the whole Marvin Gaye thing, that’s where her name Terrell came from. I like doing period pieces, especially of those times.”


Whether or not we’ll see biopics on Riperton and Terrell remains to be seen. Stay tuned…




3.       R. Kelly Puts Pen to Memoir to Tell His Story


With all the hit songs, numerous collaborations and awards and a controversial image, R. Kelly has cemented his place in music history. But not without his share of talk about him. So as they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.


And that exactly what Kells is doing as he gears up to write his autobiography. According to the folks at Black Voices, the crooner will join forces with celebrity author David Ritz to put the as-yet-untitled memoir together. Among the things addressed will be the child pornography charges that were leveled at Kelly some years ago.


To hear him tell it, the memoir stems from being frustrated with being “misunderstood” over the years. As a result, Kelly vows to give you his story in his own worlds.


“I’m writing this book as Robert, not R. Kelly,” the hitmaker said. “I’m tired of being misunderstood. I will show you the tears, fears, and sweat. I will open my heart and reveal the good in my life as well as all the drama. I want to tell it like it is.”


The R. Kelly memoir, which will be published by Tavis Smiley’s SmileyBooks, is scheduled to come out in 2011.



4.       Rihanna Has Lethal Lesbian Tendencies Towards Megan Fox


With her new album, countless sightings and romance rumors, it safe to say that Rihanna has seemingly moved past a lot of the drama from her violent encounter with former beau Chris Brown. In fact, the songbird seems to have gotten back her ability to give people something to chat about as she confessed to having fantasies about being a lesbian assassin on the big screen.


“I’d love to be an assassin,” Rihanna shared with The Daily Star. “Either that or a lesbian. Maybe both! Hey, a gay assassin, there’s nothing hotter than that.”


Now that we’ve got an action vehicle for RiRi, what shoot em up wouldn’t be complete without a love interest for our heroine to save and charm? Say no more. Rihanna already has her choice picked out with the mention of a certain Transformers star.


“Megan Fox – hands down,” the singer stated. “She’s yummy. She’s hot.”


No need to say much else. Just let your imagination take it from here. I’m sure the Hollywood suits are already plotting something. Especially since Megan seems open to spending time with the ladies.


“All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes,” she said. “I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”


Like I said, let the imagination take over.




In Other Words…



Stevie Wonder can now add United Nations Messenger of Peace to his resume. According to U.N. deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe, the music icon is being recognized for his philanthropic work with the U.S. President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and Junior Blind of America. As newest Messenger of Peace, Wonder will bring attention to people with disabilities.



Danity Kane may be history but D. Woods is moving ahead as she gears up to release her solo debut album, My Favorite Color.


The forthcoming opus comes as a result of a recently signed distribution deal with Bonzi Records/Fontana (UMG). Prior to the album’s release, Woods will release an EP titled The Gray Area Experience. The project, according to reports, will feature new and exclusive material including the single “Legalize Me” and an accompanying music video.


D. Woods’ My Favorite Color is tentatively scheduled to hit stores on April 27, 2010.



If you ask some people, it took him long enough, but Justin Timberlake has made public his regrets over how he handled Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl half-time show wardrobe malfunction in 2004.


For those who forgot, Justin sold Janet out and apologized days after the incident, in addition to admitting he had no idea the songbird intended to go topless. A bunch of heat on Janet as well as fines for CBS years later and Timberlake, who distanced himself from Jackson, is wishing things would have been handled differently regarding the situation.


“I wish I had supported Janet more,” Justin told Entertainment Weekly. “I am not sorry I apologized, but I wish I had been there more for Janet.”



After a long absence from the local movie theater, Wesley Snipes is making his way back. Media sources report the actor will star alongside Don Cheadle, Richard Gere, Ethan Hawk and Ellen Barkin in the upcoming film Brooklyn’s Finest.


Snipes will play Caz, one of Brooklyn’s most infamous drug dealers and a prison buddy of Cheadle’s Clarence “Tango” Butler, a cop that’s been undercover so long his loyalties start to shift from his fellow officers (Gere and Hawke) to Caz. Brooklyn’s Finest, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is slated to hit theaters on March 5, 2010.



R&B singer Joe is getting into the holiday spirit with the release of his first Christmas album, Home is the Essence of Christmas. According to the singer, listeners can expect a “Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole flair” to go along with Christmas classics like “I’ll be home for Christmas,” “Christmas Time is Here,” and “The Christmas Song.”


 “It’s very classic: live music, piano, upright, bass, drums with brushes. It’s jazzy, big band,” Joe told


Joe’s Home is the Essence of Christmas is available now at Target stores and online at iTunes



Good news for Kandi Burris. BV Buzz reports the former Xscape member has signed a new recording contract with Asylum Records. As a result, the 33-year-old songstress will release a new album titled B.L.O.G. The new album comes after a record deal with Capital Records and the singer fell through in the time between when the Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale taped and when the show’s reunion special aired.


“After my Capital situation didn’t work out, I released my EP on iTunes and it performed very well,” said Burris, who is exciting about her forthcoming effort.  


Kandi Burris’ B.L.O.G., which features the single “Fly Above, is slated to hit stores in late February 2010.