The Last Word: Chris Brown Writes For Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls Say No to Stripping, and Beyonce Talks Her Role As Etta James

What’s new, world conquerors? The end of the week is here and all we have to show for it is Obama and McCain coming together on the anniversary of 9/11 on Thursday, the federal government officially taking over mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they battle this whole housing crisis, Lance Armstrong coming […]

What’s new, world conquerors? The end of the week is here

and all we have to show for it is Obama and McCain coming together on the

anniversary of 9/11 on Thursday, the federal government officially taking over

mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they battle this whole housing

crisis, Lance Armstrong coming out of retirement to have another go at the Tour

de France in 2009 and Tom Brady’s season ending knee injury shaking things up

for the New England Patriots.


Congratulations go out to Usher, who is expecting his second

child with wife Tameka Foster. Shout out to the sounding boards for making me

realize that honest people still exist in the world today.


Ladies and Gents…the Last Word for the week ending Sept.

12, 2008:


1. Chris Brown Moonlights For Britney Spears


As things go now, life is good for if you’re Chris Brown.

And while impressive singing and dancing skills are things that garner new

fans, Brown is exercising his other talent, songwriting.


In Last Week’s Word, I mentioned how Shaggy wanted to do a

song with Britney Spears. Now it seems like the feeling is contagious, as Mr.

Brown is putting his songwriting skills to use in hopes that the MTV VMA winner

will record one of his compositions.


“I actually wrote a couple songs for her now,”

Brown told the Associated Press. And

while the crooner admits that executives at his record label have heard and

love what he’s put together, Britney has yet to lend an ear.


Take note, Miss Spears: The song he wrote for rumored

girlfriend Rihanna, “Disturbia,” proved to be a winner by reaching

Number One on the Billboard 100. Britney take note:Three Moonmen are cool, but

a hit song and album keeps you in the mix.


And Brown is determined to make the cut as he said

“…if she doesn’t, oh well, we’ll go back in the studio and still do some

more records for her.”


Although I hope Chris makes Britney’s final song list, he

could come up short. Spears has already passed up chances for a solid comeback

by turning down a collaboration with former beau Justin Timberlake. Maybe

she’ll have a change of heart and give Brown a shot. Hopefully, Rihanna won’t

be too “disturbed” with having someone else reap the benefits of her

man’s talent.


Then again, it could make for an interesting triangle.

Rihanna vs. Britney. My money’s on Ri-Ri.


2. Beyonce Shoots for Icon Status; Plans a Dark Surprise

for Movie Fans


As far as female singers go, very few can dominate the scene

like Beyonce. When she goes all out, she goes all out. So what happens when

being, as Jay-Z, proclaimed “the hottest chick in the game” wears out

its welcome? I guess you shoot for higher heights that go beyond the tunes you



“I’m over being a pop star. I don’t wanna be a hot

girl. I wanna be iconic,” B told Marie Claire magazine as she acknowledged that she has

“accomplished a lot.” “I feel like I’m highly respected, which

is more important than any award or any amount of records. And I feel like

there comes a point when being a pop star is not enough.”


OK. The pop star thing is wearing thin, but that obviously

hasn’t stopped Miss Knowles from prepping the release of her third solo album,

which hits stores Nov. 18. And if your Beyonce fix still isn’t satisfied, then

you can see her on the big screen as the wife of a stalking target when Obsessed comes to theaters on Feb. 27. In the meantime,

Knowles’ much talked about role as legendary blues singer Etta James in

Cadillac Records is also slated to come out, although no release date has been

announced as of yet.


We know that she’ll have the vocal chops to pull off the

role, but Beyonce had a different reason for wanting to portray James, who was

known to have had a decade-long heroin addiction.


“I’ve been saying for a long time that I wanted to do

something dark,” B said as she believes that “people are going to be

very shocked. It’s the complete opposite of me. It was very emotionally

draining. I was exhausted.”


At the pace she’s going, icon status may not be too far off.

Just remember to keep the darkness on screen. A fine and sunny Beyonce beats

the anti-B anytime. We have enough of those running around with Miss Winehouse.

Maybe B can finally get the Oscar status that Jennifer Hudson beat her to.

We’ll see.


3. Color Me Badd Singer Belts Out Jailhouse Song


Back in the ‘90s Color Me Badd had hit songs, screaming fans

and awards to boot. What a difference time makes, as the group’s lead singer

Bryan Abrams is attracting screams. But for a different reason.


According to, the 38-year-old singer was arrested

last week on charges of public drunkenness and domestic abuse. A police report

noted that the authorities answered a call at a restaurant regarding a drunken

man causing a disturbance.


Abrams is accused of punching a woman in the nose and

threatening her, saying “I’ma kill you. You and me. You and me,”

according to the report, which stated that a strong odor of alcohol was on

Abrams’ breath and cites a waiter who saw Abrams hit the woman in the face.


Officers also noted Abrams’ slurred speech and “random

sentence fragments” as the singer spoke with them. The police report goes

on to say that the victim agreed to press assault and battery charges against

Abrams, who now sits in an Oklahoma County jail cell after being booked.


First Milli Vanili, now Color Me Badd. Is there no group

safe from post fame disaster? Makes you wonder what will become of the members

of Pretty Ricky. Ten years from now will we see those guys caught up in some

scandal involving ex-managers, women and alcohol? Sounds like a job for VH1.

(Sounds like VH1 needs to get up on the hotline).


4. Pussycat Dolls Reject Stripper Label; Plan

Semi-Biographical Musical


Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that

the Pussycat Dolls are sexy. And that’s good. But don’t let that be the only

thing you notice, as PCD member Kimberly Wyatt slammed critics who can’t get

past the collective’s sexy image.


“I get upset at the way some people talk about us. They

dismiss us as if we’re strippers, but we’re not like that at all. I’ve trained

for this all my life. I did tap-dancing, jazz and ballet,” Wyatt said as

she relented that her and her groupmates are constantly put in “some sort

of box.” “With us, that box is always marked ‘raunchy’. But the most

important thing to me is that I am honest and feel good about myself.


If people insist on calling me raunchy, well, then maybe I

am raunchy. But I’m comfortable with who I am and how I present myself.”


In other PCD news, the group is reportedly in talks to star

in a musical based on their journey to music stardom.


“The Pussycat Dolls are getting a lot of film scripts

to look through at the moment,” a source told “It’s

going to be semi-biographical, about their rise to fame, with loads of dancing

and singing.”


And there you have it. While I hear what she’s saying, what

do you expect from a group spawned from a Los Angeles-based burlesque troupe?

The singing wasn’t the first thing I noticed when I saw their first video.

Maybe they should set a new trend and go conservative for the next album. It

may not be as eye catching, but the talent will definitely shine through. They

can sing, you know.


I’m pretty sure PCD will do just fine on just talent alone.

In today’s music scene, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it, Meeoooow.


5. Jennifer Lopez Ensures Pregnancy Again and Again and



If one pregnancy test doesn’t do it, take a few more. That’s

what Jennifer Lopez did as she took 20 tests to make sure that she was with

child. All this after feeling “a flutter” during a hair and make-up

session As a result, J. Lo stocked up on pregnancy tests at the local pharmacy

and even got her husband Marc Anthony to pee on a stick to make doubly sure

they were expecting.


Why you ask?


“I needed to see what a negative looked like.”

Lopez said.


For J. Lo, reading is fundamental. I’m sure it describes a

negative on the side of the box.


I’m so glad she played it safe. And all it took was 20 pregnancy

tests. I know she wanted to be sure she’s having a kid, but wouldn’t it have

been simpler for J. Lo to just go on Maury. You could’ve gotten confirmation

within an hour and not have wasted time with all those tests. Not to mention an

expert that would’ve given you stats and other facts to help you.


Makes you wonder how many tests would’ve been done if it was

Diddy’s baby, not Marc’s she was carrying. Can you picture Puffy taking a home

pregnancy test for his lady? Love will truly make you do some weird things. Go



In Other Words…


* Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter James Ingram will

release his debut gospel album Stand (In The Light). The 10-song release will include gospel standards

“Blessed Assurance,” and “Everything Must Change,” along

with new tracks “Don’t Let Go,” “No Place Like Home.” and

the first single, “Mercy,” which features Debbie Allen.


* New music isn’t the only thing fans can expect from Eric

Benet’s forthcoming album Love & Life.

The singer’s 16-year-old daughter India, makes her official singing debut on

the project’s first single. “You’re the Only One.” A video of the

pair singing the song is up on YouTube.


* Blues legend BB King is providing an up-close look at his

life and music career with his new public museum. The BB King Museum + Delta

Interpretive Center is scheduled to open Saturday (Sept. 13) in Indianla,

Mississippi – the town where King worked picking cotton as a boy. A good

number of items at the museum is taken from King’s personal collection.