The Last Word: Lyfe Jennings Locked Up, Beyonce Introduces Sasha Fierce, Ne-Yo Interviews in the Nude, and T-Pain Discusses the “Flying Sausage”

Greetings Last Word crew! I’ll be taking on the Last Word for this week, as Chris Richburg is under the weather. This week proved to be interesting with Toni Braxton getting the boot from Dancing With the Stars, Lil Wayne getting the big win at the BET Hip-Hop Awards plus becoming a dad again and […]

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Greetings Last Word crew! I’ll be taking on the Last Word for this

week, as Chris Richburg is under the weather. This week proved to be

interesting with Toni Braxton getting the boot from Dancing With the Stars,

Lil Wayne getting the big win at the BET Hip-Hop Awards plus becoming a dad again and Obama moving up

and up and up the Presidential ladder. Super get well wishes go out to

Mr. Richburg and a big ups to his sounding boards for always holding him down.

And now I present to you…the Last Word for week ending October 24th.WTF Lyfe Jennings…In Jail Again?Somebody needs to call the “Cops Up” on his ass. Apparently the crooner was arrested in Smyrna, Georgia for shooting a concealed weapon and then getting involved in a high speed car chase shortly thereafter. Is he OJ now? I wish they would’ve televised that. It might’ve helped his album sales…oops!Read the news story here. Don Cornelius Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic ViolenceSo Don Cornelius was arrested on Saturday, October 18th in Hollywood Hills after someone reported a domestic dispute. The 72-year-old former Soul Train host was released on $50,000 bail and slapped with a court appearance next month, according to Why is someone that old beating on his wife? If he ends up in jail, he should take advantage of it and host Cell Train. Nevermind, we watched that dance already…it was called every scene in Oz with Adebisi.Chuuuuuuch!Amy Winehouse Has a Black BoyfriendWasn’t she racist like last week? Well apparently Amy Winehouse has a man now who is um, non-white. She was seen hopping in a car with the new guy this past week. Photos are circulating around the web (none that aren’t watermarked, but go check for them) of her with one sweatpant leg up and one down (are you LL Cool J now, Amy?) and her man giving a “leave us alone” look to the paparazzi. Let’s revisit Amy’s shining moment pushing the importance of equality:Okay, so maybe not. Either way, I wonder how this new dude will affect her relationship with “Blakey.” Remember her Grammy speech? If not…I hope she’s happy. Fellas, would you date her?Pretty Lady!Beyonce Reveals Album Title, Donates $100k to CharityMrs. Carter will release her new album on November 18th. The title? I Am…Sasha Fierce. The album will have two covers – “like a magazine would have two covers,” Beyonce explained. The first cover is I Am…and the second is…Sasha Fierce. The first half represents the “underneath it all” Beyonce and the second half represents the fun side of Beyonce. Why is it that I feel like we only meet Sasha Fierce on stage? Either way, the album will include her singles “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” and that Ciara jacked ballad “If I Were a Boy.” I’m looking forward to this album, are you?Also in the midst of album prep, Bey donated $100k to a Texan Hurricane Ike Relief Fund, providing aid to those who lost their homes and properties to the disastrous hurricane. Just for that I hope her album sells twice as much as it was supposed to. Go Beyonce!Ne-Yo Conducts an Interview…in the NudeEw ew ew. Okay first of all, Ne-Yo is a good looking dude. However...there is no need to inform your interviewer that you’re sitting in your bed naked during a phone interview. reveals in an interview with Ne-Yo that during the discussion, Ne-Yo was up in his bed with no clothes on chatting away. Read the Popjustice transcript:Where are you at the moment, Ne-Yo?

I’m lying in bed. It’s a very rare occasion for me to have a lie-in so I’m enjoying it while I can.

Are you wearing a hat at the moment?

No – there are a few places that I don’t wear a hat. Like in the

shower – that would just be stupid. And I don’t wear them on airplanes.

Have you got any clothes on at all?


Okay that’s cool, I’m sure people on the phone do much worse while on the phone. But really, Ne-Yo? Lie. My biggest question is…was the interviewer a guy or a girl? The site didn’t specify. Tee hee. Haaaaaaaaaaay!Jennifer Hudson Puts Her Focus Back On SingingIt’s about time. After her self-titled debut did relatively well, Hudson revealed in an interview with that she was going to put film on the side for her music. “The pressure is more on the music side than on the film side,” Hudson states. As she plans a tour and continues her strange engagement to “Punk” from I Love New York, it’ll be all music all day for the young soulster. That’s good, we like how she sings. Right?T-Pain and His Wife Throw Flying Sausages at Strip ClubsIn an interview with AllHipHop Alternatives, T-Pain reveals that not only do he and his wife visit strip clubs together, they engage in “flying sausaging” – AHHA: Flying sausaging? T-Pain: [chuckles] That’s right, y’all are from New York.AHHA: Um, can you explain what that means?T-Pain: It’s a down south thing. You know how dudes make it rain? It’s making it rain, but all that money, you ball it up with a rubber band and throw it at one person.AHHA: Ohhhhh, okay.T-Pain: You don’t hit her in the face or nothing. When she’s bent over, you just try to aim it right. It hurts so bad too.Be on the lookout for the full T-Pain feature next week, and strippers, beware of the flying sausage from either Teddy P. or his Won’t Be Too Mad If McCain Becomes PresidentBlack Eyed Peas’ lead guy/only really talented person in the group told E! online that he won’t be scooting off to Canada if McCain wins the Presidency. “Whether Obama’s president or McCain’s president, it’s still important

for people to be just as passionate and just as involved in moving and

shaping their communities,” told E! “I’m going to do that regardless of who is president.

You don’t just bail the f–k out.” Okay yeah cool, you’re not skipping town or anything, but please don’t wish the bad on us. Then again, anyone who lets Fergie into their group probably doesn’t mind a McCan’t for President. Wamp Wamp.Alicia Keys to Perform At the American Music AwardsAlicia Keys is finally back in the news for her music and not destroying Mashonda’s life. The superstar will be performing at the American Music Awards, taping next month. Leeshy also leads the trophy rat race with five award nominations. Kanye and his Auto-Tune are scheduled to appear too. Oh and speaking of that guy, am I the only one who likes “Heartless”? I don’t care, listen to it and love it:HEARTLESS – KANYE WESTThat’s all for this week, people! Until next week, watch out for Jazmine Sullivan. She’s bustin’ out windows in her new video, and rumor has it she carries a crowbar on stage:Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan