Breeding Ground Recap of 2008

With 2008 being both a historic and pinnacle year of achievement in Hip-Hop, the Breeding Ground  alumni are no exception. Attaining a slew of national press and major publication covers, securing new deals and ventures, check out 2008 – A Year in Rewind with some of your favorite Breeding Ground All-Stars.   This run […]

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With 2008 being both a historic and pinnacle year of achievement in Hip-Hop, the Breeding Ground  alumni are no exception. Attaining a slew of national press and major publication covers, securing new deals and ventures, check out 2008 – A Year in Rewind with some of your favorite Breeding Ground All-Stars.


This run down gives you an insight into what these all stars are doing and just where they see their journey taking them as they have gone on to become stars in the making. With the future of the Breeding Ground Alumni looking extremely bright it is only right we honor and admire the moves and foundations that they have diligently laid thus far.  Here are the best of the best!

  Artist: B.O.B

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Label: Grand HustleMusic: B.O.B Ft. T.I. “I’m Dat Ni**a” T.I. Ft. Ludacris and B.o.B. “On Top of the World Remix”

At the top of our list, B.O.B.’s career has surpassed his own expectations in 2008.  Upon signing to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, B.O.B. appeared on stages all over the country as well as garnering the attention of the industry with his intellectual diction as he went flow-for-flow with some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names.


“Since the Breeding Ground article, in the past year I have been on the Rock the Bells” tour with Mos Def and Redman, along with the Hip-hop Live Tour with David Banner and Talib Kweli. Plus, I have placements in video game scores such as Grand Theft Auto 4, and Fight Night. Not to mention, I have my music placed in TV commercials by Nintendo with a few others on the way. And I have been constantly improving on my craft with track placements on TI’s #1 album, Paper Trail and Big Boi’s upcoming album among others.


“Right now check out my new mixtape Who The F#*k Is BoB with DJ Scream and my new online video “Autotune” [See Below].


“Thank you for all of your continued support and I look forward to bringing you that real music from now until infinity!”



Artist: Nicki MinajHometown: Brooklyn, New YorkLabel: Young MoneyMusic: Nicki Minaj & Red Cafe “I Feel Free”  Sporting some hot lyrics along with her fine looks, the sexy and skilled Nicki Minaj made a loud splash into the game with her highly popular videos. Now following a new direction, Nicki has added singing to her arsenal of musical attributes. Thus displaying the ever-extending growth she is prepared to endure to be the best at her craft. “This is an extremely exciting time for me and my music because I’ve decided that the business of music won’t inhibit my passion for making music.  Although rapping is what people have grown to know me for, I’m continuing to explore my talents as a singer and my love for writing music. Like me; my music is multi-faceted and is an evolutionary process. I am being highly sought after by both independent and major record labels, but I have not made a commitment as of yet. It is essential that I get the right deal not just a deal.””I want to remain in control of my destiny and to have longevity in this business! Currently, I have new manager, Debra Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment, and I am in the studio recording my first album which will feature some R&B and pop songs. In addition, I am working on a new mixtape due out on Christmas. So watch out for me to do bigthings and break out in ’09.” Artist: Joell OrtizHometown: Brooklyn, New YorkLabel: Koch RecordsMusic:  Joell Ortiz Ft. Joe Budden “Move One” Joell Oritiz’s future seemed like an MC’s dream come true. After signing to legendary producer Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label, the world seemed like it was his for the taking.  Unfortunately, he found the shelf, like most artists on that label.  But as luck would have it, Joell was soon to find a new home with Koch records.  This time his stay at the label looks more permanent than a one off album. The Brooklyn MC is out to continue what he started.“I recently signed a new deal with Koch.  The album is coming out sick!  I will be giving AllHipHop some exclusives for ya’ll shortly. For the past 2 years I have been traveling all over the world doing shows, because a big booking agent saw my set at a Breeding Ground showcase.  He gave my manager his card  after the show and it’s been on [ever] since.  I am grateful to AllHipHop for giving me that shot and I hope other new artists take the opportunity to perform.” Artist: Snype LifeHometown: Yonkers, NYLabel: D-BlockMusic: Styles P Ft. Snyp Life and Bully “Ride Or Die”From the home of The Lox, this street savvy MC earned his stripes with the Yonkers crew D-Block and has landed a deal with the crew that encouraged Yonkers to become a household name in Hip-Hop.  Synpe Life is now ready to make sure his name is the next big name out of Y.O.”Well, it’s a blessing for one to even get in this game after so many years on the underground scene, and to be  apart of one of Hip-Hop’s elite groups [The LOX] is an honor, besides the fact that we all come from the same hood. As far as what to expect from my album, it’s gonna kinda be like a mood swing album. Meaning, I’m so versatile as an artist, I’m gonna be tapping into many different zones-stuff for the kids, something to party to, everyday hood politics for those cats.””[The] difference with me verses the average artist is I grew up with this Hip-Hop game and they just grew on to it. My album will show you what that means! Far as upcoming projects, we just wrapped up two mixtapes, [titled] D-Block Presents Call Of Duty and the other [untitled] will be out top of 2009.””Speaking of 09, check for the D Block compilation, No Security. Also my appearance on Jada’s album The Last Kiss followed by my own personal next mixtape Roadkill Hi-Way Miles and a slue of DVD releases.”

Artist: Tabi BonneyHometown: Washington, D.C.Label: TBAMusic: Tabi Bonney “Rich Kids”This Washington D.C. emcee has a style that has made him very unique in todays rap scene.  Bron in West African and raised in the states, influenced by Hip-Hop, Tabi life is as original as his sound.  With buzz of a major label closing in on this artistic gem Tabi has range outside of music.  From his artistic videos to his clothing line, Tabi is a true entrepreneur in this competitive rap environment.

“I did a collaboration with Good Charlottee and Curren$y. Working on a song or two with Cisco Adler and then Murs shortly after that. All of this is a result from other artist/celebrities just being straight up fans.”

“Bout to shoot a succession of videos within the next month and a half that you will more than likely see on national networks…what other TRUE indie artist can say that?”

“[My] EP series is slated for digital distribution with a limited number of physical copies available at appearances, shows, boutiques.”

“The clothing line Bonney Runway is doing extremely well. We are online based for right now ( Will hit select boutiques by summer ’09.”

Now let us take a look at the top unsigned artist that we see to be the bright stars for the coming year. Artist: SkyzooHometown: Brooklyn, New YorkLabel: Independent Music: Skyzoo Ft. Sha Stimuli and Sav Killz “BK Renaissance”His name has been buzzing in the streets of NYC for years, now Skyzoo has been getting big label attention as well as respect from his peers as well as rap veterans like EPMD.  Skyzoo has continually led the pack of unsigned artists by making some of the hottest music available.”Since being featured in the Breeding Ground, I’ve been touring the US and China, releasing music on the streets and the ‘net, and remixing previous mixtapes of mine for digital distribution sites, like iTunes and Rhapsody, all while working on two new projects at once. I’m working on a new mixtape entitled, The Power Of Words, which will serve as a pre-up to my debut album The Salvation. The album includes production from 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Nottz, Needlz, Illmind, Best Kept Secret, and more. 2009 is gonna be a groundbreaking year for sure!” Artist: Mickey FactzHometown: Bronx, New YorkLabel: IndependentMusic: Mickey Factz Ft. Fresh Daily and Naledge “Stop What Ya Doin”

From gracing the cover of some well respected magazines to just being able to rock the crowd, Bronx breed rapper Mickey Factz has been a breathe of fresh air in an era of rappers being a dime-a-dozen.  Mickey Factz is taking the reins on this new school of rap.

“2009 will be the year of The Digital Messiah. In 2008, I created a mass hysteria online by releasing a song every week and on top of that performing with The Cool Kids all across the country. I’ve had magazine articles in Fader, Spin, Billboard, URB and other magazines. I did the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this past summer. [My] video made it to MTV and I made the cover of XXL. 2008 was a great year. In 2009 I will be touring a lot more and I’ll also be featured in a commercial.” “My album will be dropping and I’m in talks to releasing some video game sound track music that’s featuring myself — And I’m currently working on a cell phone music distribution opportunity. So, basically I’m going to be taking over all media. It’s about to be really disgusting. As far as the label situation, we’ll see what happens. If the right situation presents itself, then Mickey Factz will be on a label. But [deals] are a dime a dozen, please don’t think for one second that Mickey Factz can’t get a deal. If its not broken, don’t fix it.” Artist: Nina B.Hometown: Brooklyn, New YorkLabel: Ravenel RecordsMusic: “Radio” In the rat race of this rap game, it can feel like an uphill battle but Brooklyn’s Nina B really did finish one of her races, she ran the New York Marathon In 2008!  She continues to speed on the mic but this was one personal achievement she had to accomplish and after a 26 mile marathon, the rap game may seem more like a down hill race for this New York MC. “Since the last time you guys read about me in the Breeding Ground success is abundant and life is good. It’s still Nina B, The Bosstress, Ravenel Records the label, and good music the passion. Maybe you read in the rumor mill that I ran the New York City Marathon. Thanks to Illseed no doubt! But I’d also like you to know I completed it and did so with the help of trainers Sean Wright of Cut Fitness and Lil Cease’s Hard Body Fitness. The experience of a lifetime. I had to raise some money for team for kids.””I’m a major part of the “Women On The Move” movement and I make it my business to inspire who I can where I can. Besides all that, I been touring high schools in NYC with The Life Camp and prisons with Blackhand Ent. Not only do I do my part, I enjoy it.””I spend a lot of my time plotting the lay out of my highly anticipated debut album dropping this year after all. 2000 Nina, also known as 2009) is approaching and I’m doing it big, as I always have. I’m also still hosting Video City. Trying give back to artist on the grind like myself, that’s just me. I’m collaborating with a lot more artist and producers, including producers 6th Sense and The Kickdrums not to mention my director, Scenario.””I’m currently working on my 8th and 9th mixtapes but every time around [it] feels like the first time. So, expect something new for the other rappers to get a little inspiration from. From the clothing sponsors, highlights. features, interviews, blog love, fans and feedback I know I’m doing my thing. All these artist respect Nina B.  I’m still grinding, still performing, recording, and being the genuine official spitter I m always gonna be, but I’m stepping it up and beyond. Besides being highlighted in The Source, I was chosen amongst a handful of other talented artist for B.E.T.s Best of ’08 and it feels good. I just want to be on everybody’s list soon.  Its about time, I’m far from new. I been puttin’ it in.” Artist: RainHometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina / New YorkLabel: IndependentMusic: “Hello”Rumored to be writing for some of the biggest rappers, producers and labels in the game, Rain has been putting out some hot music that has not only gotten attention of the industry but ensured that the streets too are watching. “2008 was great year for me as a person and my emergence as an artist. I put in a lot of hard work and I feel like it’s finally starting to pay off. I’m honored to be chosen along with the other Breeding Ground artists as the next generation of artists to make a positive impact in Hip-Hop. AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground is a spring board new comers and gives an opportunity to show and prove. This whole experience has been a true blessing.”

“Since appearing in AHH Breeding Ground I’ve gotten a chance to work with platinum producers, such as Dr. Dre, Nottz, Sean C & LV, Scram Jones and Don Cannon. I’ve been featured in numerous magazines, websites and DVD’s. I’ve been approached by a few labels regarding a record deal, I’m continuing to work and praying for the best.”