EXCLUSIVE: Quando Rondo Gets Sued For Spitting In A Fan’s Face

Quando Rondo

Quando Rondo is getting sued over an incident that went viral in 2018!

Rapper Quando Rondo was with a lawsuit stemming from a gross incident that went viral two years ago.

The shocking incident occurred on December 21st, 2018, during an all-age show called the “2K18 Holiday Jam” at the Florence Civic center in South Carolina with label mate NBA Youngboy.

Quando Rondo hopped in the crowd but somehow ended up in an altercation with a female fan named Jada Mya Wise. Jada, who was 16 at the time, got into it with Quando Rondo, and he ended up spitting in her face.

During a follow-up Post in response to the outcry surrounding the video, Quando Rondo admitted to spitting on the woman, who he said spat at him first.

After the show, Quando Rondo hopped on his Instagram and addressed the issue, and admitted he spit on the teen, but she supposedly spit on him first.

Now almost two years later, Quando Rondo, born Tyquan Terrel Bowman, is going to have to answer for his actions.

Jada Mya Wise is suing the rapper for publicly defaming, embarrassing, and humiliating her by posting the message to his 200,000 followers at the time of the incident.

“[Quando Rondo’s] conduct was so extreme and outrageous, to exceed all possible bounds of decency, it is considered atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” her lawsuit reads. [Jada Mya Wise] sustained severe emotional distress as a result of [Quando Rondo’s] acts.”

Quando Rondo sued by fan for spitting in her face
Quando Rondo sued by fan for spitting in her face
Quando Rondo sued by fan for spitting in her face
Quando Rondo sued by fan for spitting in her face

Jada Mya Wise said after Quando Rondo called her out on IG, her emotional distress was “so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it,” according to the complaint.

Quando Rondo has a few weeks left to reply, or the Judge overseeing the case is going to declare a default judgment in favor of Jada Mya Wise.

Wise is also suing Victory Promotions, Staff-1 Services Group, and the Florence Center.