Amber Rose Opens Up to About Life, Love & Wiz’s Taylor Gang


When your claim to fame is dating some of the biggest names in music, it can be hard to branch out, be taken seriously, and make a name for yourself within the industry. Model, singer, video vixen, and occasional DJ, Amber Rose is most certainly carving out a path of her own. Having starred in some huge videos for artists like Fabolous, Nicki Minaj, and Ludacris, she is no stranger to the ways of Hip-Hop, and to further prove this point, her relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa (who Amber calls the love of her life), have all catapulted her name and face to the upper echelons of what people now classify as “celebrity.” got the chance to speak to Rose during one of her promotional days for the second season of Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix,” a BET-televised competition where she, alongside Kid Capri and Vikter Duplaix, is judging a number of DJs as they compete for a $250,000 prize. She also spoke about how she and Wiz keep the integrity in their very public relationship. Even before they got together, Rose acknowledges that she took a lot of heat and hate for dating Kanye West.

Lastly, Amber spoke on the First Lady of Taylor Gang, Lola Luv, who shared a very similar past to Amber growing up. Their friendship is a coincidence, as she was recently signed to Wiz’s Taylor Gang imprint, of which Amber said humorously, “she’s the First Lady of Taylor Gang, but I’m the Queen.”

Check out the first of a two-part interview with Amber Rose below. In our upcoming Part 2, she discusses her career and aspirations for the game:

“Master of the Mix” airs Saturdays at midnight on BET.