Archie Bang: A Changed Man, Repositioned for Success

For most people, being incarcerated is a set back. For Archie Bang, it was the perfect time to reposition himself and to gain a clear perspective of his future plans in the rap game.  After coming of the Anger Management project, Archie recently dropped Nothin’ To Lose with DJ Whoo-Kid, and is currently gunning for […]

For most people, being incarcerated is a set back. For Archie Bang, it was the perfect time to reposition himself and to gain a clear perspective of his future plans in the rap game.  After coming of the Anger Management project, Archie recently dropped Nothin’ To Lose with DJ Whoo-Kid, and is currently gunning for a major label deal. With a new song featuring Nipsey Hussle, and projects coming up with several other New York artists, Archie is seeking long term success after being caught in the New York Correctional system for several years.  Now after having received over 2 million hits on his newest video on several hip hop websites, Archie Bang is looking forward to a positive year and getting out there to the masses.  The buzz is stong, the music is authentic, take a look and see what Archie got coming up for the listeners! What’s Up Archie? What you got going on right now man?Archie Bang: Aww Man, right now I’m just grinding, working on trying to promote this mixtape I dropped on March 9th.  It’s been getting a lot of And that’s with DJ Whoo-Kid, right?Archie Bang: Yeah, with Okay, so tell the readers about this DJ Whoo-Kid mixtape, cause I know I been looking forward to hearing it.Archie Bang: Well, right now it’s online. It’s online on here and there, every mixtape; ITunes; Amazon Music, it’s everywhere. So, I pretty much worked on building a network, and a relationship with the whole Shadyville Family, and eventually made it up to Whoo-Kid. He heard the material, and wanted to jump on the project. He co-signed it, and we made it happen! Right. So, tell us a little about where you’re from, and how you came about in the rap game?Archie Bang: I’m from Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York born and raised, but I spent a lot of time down in Miami, Florida. I used to get into a lot of trouble here in Brooklyn, so they sent me down to Miami. I’m pretty much familiar with both sides, and it reflects in my music. You know, it’s a hood, just like any other hood across the I heard New York has been getting crazy there lately; what happen to Baby G [R.I.P] is sad to here. Did you know him personally?Archie Bang: Yeah, I know. Nah, I didn’t know him personally. But, you know, anytime something like that happens, it’s a bad situation. Especially when somebody catches a raw deal. But, this is the environment that a lot of us are in. It’s just up to us to avoid certain situations, and stay on the up-and-up, and remain Rest In Peace, Baby Gee. Our condolences go out to his family.Archie Bang: Definitely, Now, there’s a video on the net right now featuring Nipsey Hussle, Jealousy. Tell us about that Jealousy joint, man.Archie Bang: When I was working on the mixtape, it wasn’t too many artists that I had access to.  But when I can home, I built a relationship and rapport with Nipsey, cause I was feeling his music and what he was doing. You know, the grind, the hustle, and the whole movement that he had going. So, we pretty much collaborated on the Jealousy record, and made that happen. Once he got to New York, doling his promotional run, he came out and supported, and we shot the video. And it came out crazy! Yeah, the video looks hot, Archie. I seen some shots from it, and I’m definitely liking what that was all about.  Now, we talked a little about the mixtape, but tell us, what do you have lined up as far as albums?Archie Bang: Okay, the DJ Whoo-Kid mixtape is called 2010: Nothin’ To Lose. It’s all original material. So, it’s pretty much an album. 12 tracks, 2 interludes which are an intro and an outro, all done by none other than Whoo-Kid himself. At the same time, after I’m finish promoting this one, I have another one [mixtape] dropping with [DJ] Big Mike and The Empire. So, that’s what I’m working on now. I’ve been recording a few songs for that one. On the same note, been working on a few singles for the radio, that way by the summer, I can have ‘em spinning in That’s what’s up! That’s really how it goes. So, Looking at your career thus far, that Anger Management was a smash and everybody was feeling it. Talk more in detail about that.Archie Bang: Well, the Anger Management was like…Okay, I came home in February of 2009. I did a little stretch. So, when I came home, Anger Management was all of the best material that I had accumulated at that time, and I put it together in that project. And DJ Messiah jumped on it and did the hosting for me. It came out crazy, and classic material. All the writing that I was doing while I was locked up was the Anger Management project. Thus, the name, ya feel me? You mentioned that you did a stretch. Can you talk about how it changed your life and your career?Archie Bang: Yeah. That, boy…(pausing), pretty much opens your eyes. It lets you know whose with you, and who really wasn’t with you to begin with. So, you got to make the best of it.  So, what I did was, got my mind right, and just prepared myself for what I was gonna come home to. Which is pretty much all of what I am doing now. So, I used it[the jail time] as a planning process on have to put everything into perspective and calculate my next move. So, that’s what I used my time Where exactly were you ?Archie Bang:  (Laughing) I did the whole tour of Upstate New York Correctional Facilities. Sing-Sing, Quentin, The Boxes, the 5 Points, and the Super-Max’s. I did a whole tour up WOW! So, the grit in the songs that we hear is definitely official?Archie Bang:  This is authentic street music! I tell my dudes all the time, “You can check the stitching, it’s all real!” I feel you. Going forward positively, what are your goals for the next year?Archie Bang:  My goals for next year, is to be at the top of my game. Like, right now, the buzz that I’m making is swooping up crazy right now. So, at this time, it’s all independent. It’s Team Bang Entertainment. So, if the labels have the right deal for me, then we can sit down and talk about something, because I know what it’s like to be signed to a label, and I know exactly what they offering now. So I’m trying to beat that 360-deal situation. That’s what they give you now; its pretty much standard. I can sit down today or tomorrow, and sign a 360 deal, but it’s not beneficial to me, because I am putting too much work, effort, grind, and money into my situation now to sit down to a 360 deal and break even. So, want to be able to sit down and get what I want, the way I want  Right. Now have you spoken to any record labels specifically?Archie Bang:   Just to keep it safe, We’ll just say I’m In the Universal building probably like every week. We will leave it at Nuf Said. Is there anything else you want to tell the readers about your Team Bang movement? Any new material, features, etc.?Archie Bang:  As far as features go, I’m keep it raw with you, it’s not too many in the game the umm. (Pauses). It’s a lot of talented artist, but they move at they own time and their own speed, so, I kind of do have an ego and a chip on my shoulder.  As far as collaborations go, I’ve reached out to a few artists, and when it happens, it happens. But I am sure, when it happens, ya’ll at All Hip Hop will be the first to get the exclusive on Definitely a good look!Archie Bang:  Aside from that, Team Bang is the movement, that’s who I’m rolling with, and trust me; the world is going to now about it. Its gonna be a hot summer! Any contact info for anybody reading that wants to link with you?Archie Bang:  Yeah, Follow me on Twitter. Follow me, Follow my movement. I’m here to entertain. Bang. You know, I’m on all the social sites.  I’m heavy, so you gotta Google me! You already know I know. I seen your World Star Hip Hop had 2 Million hits!Archie Bang:  Yeah, 2 million and that was the first day. I honestly don’t think it was a full 24 hours when it reached that.  It is what it Aside from the Nipsey Hussle joint, Jealousy, is there any other songs that you guys are pushing?Archie Bang:  (Laughing) As far as Jealousy, it seems like there’s no end to that truck. That thing is rolling! But, aside from, off the mixtape, you’ve got the I’m Living It joint, the Die Slow joint, and My Life. Those are all some of my personal favorites, and it seems like those are some of the joints the fans really So, Aside from your music, who has Archie Bang been listening to?Archie Bang:  Right now, a lot of Nipsey’s [Hussle] stuff. I been listening to [Lloyd] Bank$ new stuff. You know, New York seems like its tryna do a united Yeah, I know a lot of us has been waiting for New York to get that going. It’s just a matter of time before New York gets it popping.Archie Bang:  I got inside word that that’s what’s going on. You know, Artist like [Lloyd] Bank$, [Juelz] Santana, and Maino. Everyone is realizing that they’re gonna have to work together if they’re gonna stay relevant.  But I see where its headed, New York is doing big things.