Big Daddy Kane Talks Jay-Z Meeting KRS-One Verzuz & The Hold Up, Bad Dad Rehab, Juice Crew Movie

Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane continues to do big things in Hip-Hop and Hollywood!

Big Daddy Kane endures as one of the most prolific emcees in hip-hop culture. He helped put Brooklyn on the map, Jay Z in the game, and refine d the arts of lyricism. He, along with others defined a generation that sought to take the culture to new heights. However, Keen was slightly different, he also offered regal sentiments, maturity, and even fashion sense to the game.

Now the Brooklyn-born entertainer is taking his skills to the next level, returning to an old craft: acting. He is presently involved in a new movie called “Bad Dad Rehab: The Next Session.” The movie Chronicles the life and times of men looking to be better fathers to their children and it drops on Father’s Day 2021. This rehabilitation takes place in a formal center, similar to someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Kane also talks to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about working on the new Juice Crew movie (the seminal rap collective that gave the prototype for The Wu-Tang Clan), the documentary on lyricism he’s working on, as well as a recent meeting with Jay-Z. Furthermore, he talks about doing a Verzuz battle with KRS-One and how they have it all figured out for Hip-Hop. The only thing: Verzus may have other ideas that include Rakim.

This is a must see interview with one of the true greats of our culture!