Birdd Luciano Talks “Toxic Love” & Relationships

Birdd Luciano’s new single “Toxic Love” is an ode to stressful relationships all across the world.

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Birdd Luciano is up next out of Chicago. Growing up on the West Side of the Chi, the singer and rapper trades the streets for the studio by creating hood love anthems for listeners all across the world.

He describes himself as having “a very different approach on delivering music,” creating music for the past few years and most recently unveiling visuals.

His newest single “Toxic Love” is based on a real life love story that is far from perfect — relatable across all fronts. The new release hails from Birdd’s highly-anticipated forthcoming debut project called Ghetto Blessings, which represents all the emotional pain in a stressful relationship. Regardless, his smooth vocals and honest lyrics come in clutch during these sunken times.

Birdd also reps his Qualified Sound Artist (#QSARecords) movement loud and proud. AllHipHop caught up with Birdd Luciano to discuss his sound, his new single, his Top 5, and more!

AllHipHop: How would you describe your sound?

Birdd Luciano: I’d describe my sound more like trap/soul. I want to personify to trap/soul what Chris Brown is to R&B. I don’t want to necessarily put myself in a box with my specific style because I do listen to everything. I’d also include melodic flows as part of my sound because most of my hooks dominate the song.

AllHipHop: Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, what was the household like growing up?

Birdd Luciano: My grandmother and grandfather raised me and I actually had a decent childhood growing up. My grandparents definitely raised me right.

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AllHipHop: You say “you can’t do this s##t in your sleep,” how long have you been recording?

Birdd Luciano: I’ve been recording since about 2015. I started as a hobby just recording with my friends. Music became real to me when I dropped my 2 two singles. They did pretty good on YouTube, I instantly was one of those faces as far as local rappers.

AllHipHop: Who or what inspired “Toxic Love”?

Birdd Luciano: My own personal life and past relationships. The video itself is a very realistic view of how many relationships are, most of my female fans loved that video.

AllHipHop: Best memory from the video shoot?

Birdd Luciano: The model in the video who wanted to go with me after the video shoot. LBS!

AllHipHop: What’s one thing you want listeners to get from Ghetto Blessings?

Birdd Luciano: I want to take them into my world for a minute, paint them a picture of my struggles and pain hoping to help the next if they can relate. I love telling stories in my music and bringing my fans into my mind and personal world.

AllHipHop: Who’s in your Top 5?

Birdd Luciano: Meek Mill, Juice WRLD, Yo Gotti, Jay Z, Chance The Rapper.

AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

Birdd Luciano: You all can expect this flood that’s about to come dropping visual after visual. There’s also another EP on the way, stay on the lookout for that. We’re expecting to shoot a video with Hood Brat from my upcoming single “Top Shottas.” She actually posted a video on her IG of her rapping the song.