Bishop Don Magic Juan: P.I.M.P. Part Two

Check out Part Two of’s revealing feature with Bishop Don Magic Juan… On a scale from one to ten with one being the equivalent to you, rate the following pimps: Pimpin Ken? Bishop Don Magic Juan: Well Kenny Ivy, he’s a good person at heart. Like in Hollywood, some people get caught up, […]

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Check out Part Two of’s revealing feature with Bishop Don Magic Juan… On a scale from one to ten with one being the equivalent to you, rate the following pimps:

Pimpin Ken?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Well Kenny Ivy, he’s a good person at heart. Like in Hollywood, some people get caught up, and he got caught up in the pimp fascination. I don’t think he played the top level of the game, because he didn’t have much time in the game. His history isn’t known to really be no famous pimp or nothing like that. He just caught on with the Pimps Up Hoes Down. He said it himself; he was just using the name. I give him an eight. He at least tried to stand up for the game. Fillmore Slim?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: He’s legendary, he got great love from different pimps and playas around the country and they respect him so I would have to give him a four. Mr. White Folks?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: I’ve known him for a lot of years; he’s been around it. He’s stood up for the game, so I would give him an eight. Sir Captain?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: He definitely a true blooded pimp, he definitely got it in him. I been over to his temple over there. He is true to the game, and I would have to put him with Fillmore. He gets a four. Charm?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Well, he cool. He play the game at a five. A lot of these guys play it on different angles. Charm smooth, and a lot of them aren’t really flashy and ain’t really out there like that. A lot of these guys names be coming up because of the documentaries. They wanted to step it up and make themselves known. A lot of them weren’t internationally known like that. There’s a lot of them that are good pimps, but didn’t step up to the plate because they didn’t want to put it out there like that. Who do you think is the best pound for pound pimp right now?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: He out of Chicago, he’s called Pimp Jo-Jo. Well he is the best. He just won Pimp of the Year. That’s not giving out lightly, and he’s won that a few years in a row. So he’s about the best as far as the whole criteria. The clothes, the cars, the girls, the jewelry, he carrying that load right now. What was the best strip that you came ever dealt with while you were still pimping?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: The best strip is in Chicago. The North Side. Every other pimp I’ve spoken to always talk high about the strips in Las Vegas.

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Vegas is a seasonal thing. You only get in there and get out. Everybody that has touched that is real qualified in the game, and they went through there, but it’s only seasonal. You go in there, do your thing and get out. People that have tried to make Vegas their home, they have always come up with problems. Vegas is not a place for a pimp to be really staying. He should really go in and get out of there. The gangsters down there don’t like that. The gangsters already got their little thing set up going on in Vegas. Then you got a trick lined up for $5000. Here, you got a pimp that will give them the same thing for a $100. Have you ever had any of your prostitutes lured away by another pimp?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: I never had those kind of problems. One chick of mine did get tricked by a pimp. She was up in his house smoking some weed. That was a no-no. That’s the only thing that’s ever happened to me in my game, as far some chick choosing another pimp. I didn’t have those kind of problems. I wasn’t like those other pimps that were flight night. Most of the girls I had were with me ten or fifteen years. I was professional. It was my livelihood. This is how I breathed and thinked. Every time I saw a woman, I saw a dollar sign. These pimps today don’t have that much dedication to the game. They compromising today. Did the law ever sweat you?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Yeah, no question about it, man. They definitely sweated me. I was the biggest that there was. They used to arrest me, lock me up, and take my car and ride around the hoe-stroll and see my girls and pick them up and show them me to look at [me], like I was a monkey in the cage. Yeah, I got tired of that kind of stuff, jack. Did you ever get into beef with other pimps?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Yeah, I had beefs with other pimps. Chicks that chose me had pimps to pull guns out on me. Other pimps would meet to squash things. One of my best friend’s prostitutes had chose me, and we had to settle that. I’ve had guys tried to shoot at me. Endless shootouts, all of that does down in the pimp game. I’ve done had the prostitute hide in they mother house, and I had to go over there to get her and the mother beat with a baseball bat like, “Get out of here!” and all of that. All of that is part of the pimp game, but I stayed true to it. Let’s say I’m pimping and of my girls chose you. I approach you about it because I’m not trying to beef. How would that conversation go down?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Well, this is what I had to tell my friend. His woman chose me like twice, and I sent her back. So she came this time and I said, “Look man, you might as well let me keep the chick because then if you need some money, you can get some from me. She don’t want to give you no money, and if you block from her giving me some, we ain’t going to get this money.” So what I did is the last money she took that night from some trick, I gave it all to him, and I kept the broad. That was the end of that squabble. Later, my friend killed himself. Know what I mean? It’s a cold game. That’s hard on a pimp. How did you think Terrance Howard did as a pimp in Hustle & Flow?

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Well, one thing about it is they should of put a little more character in it. They should of game him a Cadillac. If I would of directed him, he would have been more authentic; a little more harder. And still it would of shown the grind for him wanting to see his future past pimping. Hollywood wants to do it their way. They didn’t even give the boy a Cadillac! Hollywood do things like that. Just like I said in the movie, How To Be A Player, they didn’t let the guy be sharp. What do you think about Three 6 Mafia winning the Oscar for “It’s Hard Out Here For Pimp?”

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Hey, I’m all for Three 6 Mafia winning for “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” but the only reason the song nominated probably is because white folks like to see depression on the individual. They figure it’s hard out here for a pimp, and the song distinguishes that. So I have don’t have nothing against them doing the movie. But see whenever Hollywood depicts it like they want to depict it to be, then they give praise to it. Don’t you know Curtis Mayfield should have won an Oscar? The Willie Hutch “I Choose You” should have won an Oscar! They stronger than “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp.” In this day and age Halle Barry wins an Oscar for being a h##### and Denzel for being a crooked cop. See, if it’s something downgrading and they like it they are going to let them win because it downgrades the other individual, ya dig? Chuuch.

Bishop Don Magic Juan: Chuuch! Preach! Tabernacle!