Black Rob’s Last Days: What Happened? Jay-Z’s Donation! The Beef? The Documentary! Kal Dawson Talks!

Black Rob

Only a few people were there for
Black Rob in his final days. His manager clam a lot of people were chasing clout.

It hurt to see Black Rob die in such a tragic way. When it was all said and done, people had questions and demanded answers. How? Who? Where did money for Rob go? Even Jay-Z apparently donated to the cause? Where did Diddy come into all of this? BR’s manager Kal Dawson steps up to to address some of the others like former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry, the social media facade of it all, what Black Rob’s last days were like and what he tried to do for the fallen Harlem soldier. Moreover, he discusses the money…what happened with the money? He also speaks exclusively of the documentary they are making on BR’s final days. RIP Black Rob.

Looks Like Diddy Is Paying For Black Robs’ Funeral Services…