Ca$h Out Talks “Let’s Get It” LP, New Label Deal + Dropping In The Era Of Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug


(AllHipHop Features) After taking the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart in 2012 with “Cashin’ Out,” it appeared Georgia rapper Ca$h Out was on the cusp of major stardom. Complications with his then label put a wrench in the young artist’s plan of releasing a studio album, but a new indie deal has Ca$h ready to share his first official LP Let’s Get It with the world.

The Bases Loaded representative was not on a complete hiatus during his transitional period though. He released the mixtape Ya Feel Me?, toured extensively, and appeared on projects by Uncle Murda, Rich Homie Quan, and Lil Durk over the last two years. But August 2014 marks the moment where Cash hopes to raise his game to another level.

The forthcoming release of Let’s Get It was preceded by the DJ Montay produced “Mexico” and the YouTube hit “She Twerkin.” The latter track also found its way onto the Billboard charts and DJ sets throughout the South setting up Ca$h to make a noticeable re-entrance back into the greater musical landscape. caught up with Ca$h Out to talk about his new album, Atlanta Hip Hop, and more.

"Let's Get It" Cover Art
“Let’s Get It” Cover Art

Your “Cashin’ Out” single was a huge hit for you in 2012. What took so long for you to follow that up with your debut studio album?

Going through different situations from Epic to the new situation we’re in with eOne. I wanted the album to drop back then when we were with Epic, but due to the facts that certain things happened – I mean we left on good terms. We just weren’t feeling the way things were moving at the time, so we asked for our release. They granted that with no problem, because everybody made good money.

Once we left, we just turned all the way back up with “She Twerkin.” We already had the streets as far as my mixtapes and doing shows. It was just about getting back on the mainstream with the single. That’s what “She Twerkin” did.

Why did you decide to team up with eOne for your latest label deal?

Just having more control and more digits when it comes to dollars. If we get out there and do a certain amount of records or singles sold, it’s different than points or signing with a major where you gotta do all these extras. So if we’re out there grinding and working, who knows what we might do. Who knows, we might do some crazy numbers – a Mac Miller type of situation.

All these artists got good independent situations. It’s great for your team if you know how to move a certain way. Then you never know. You might team up with a major. You just gotta make sure the situation makes sense.

So you would be open to signing with another major if the deal is right?

All the time, it’s teamwork. A lot of artists have been on different labels. It’s about the best situation. Sometimes it goes good when you come in. It might go another way, and you just have to do something else. But hey, we all move on like in sports. 

You dropped the video “She Wanna Ride” featuring Shanell. The tracklist for Let’s Get It doesn’t have very many features. The one I saw only had four features. Why did you decide to limit the number of guests on this album?

We got Ty Dolla [$ign] on the album. We got Wiz Khalifa. They just got added after the hard copy was made. They’re on the “Let’s Get It” intro song. We got Waka Flocka. We got Rich Homie. We got Shanell. We got French Montana. I felt like that was enough. That’s 6-7 features on a twelve song album. That’s great to me.

So the digital copy will have the song with Wiz and Ty?

Yeah, Wiz, Ty Dolla, and me. Yeah, it’s on the album. If you get the pre-order right now you’ll hear the verses. We sent everything in to iTunes, they made the cut after that. When you get the album you will hear Wiz and Ty on there. That’s the second single too.

Why do you think the track “She Twerkin” is doing so well? It charted on Billboard and it has over a million views on YouTube. What do you think it is about that song that connected with people?

The music is speaking for itself. The people are loving it – the females, the bosses. When you get in there and make music that just speaks volumes, and it’s nothing you gotta force – you’re definitely going to push it – but it’s nothing you gotta force. I feel like that’s what my music does when I go in the booth. When I let people hear the album they were like, “Wow, this is amazing.” We’re just turnt up right now.

Since you first came out there have been new Atlanta rappers to come out with a melodic flow like Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug. How do you see yourself breaking out musically from the Atlanta pack now in 2014?

Making music. Everybody’s making good music. That’s what you gotta focus on, making your music, making your hits. And let everybody else make their hits. That’s all I’m focused on. My team Bases Loaded as a label, and Cash Out as an artist. Just keep continuing to make this music these people keep playing. That’s my focus, my album Let’s Get It.

A lot of people feel like one of the reasons why so many artists from Atlanta can all do so well at the same time is because there’s more a sense of camaraderie in the city among the rappers there. Do you think that’s the case?

Yeah, that’s what it is. Everybody’s working. Everybody’s working together. Even if you haven’t work with the artist, in some point in time you’re gonna work with them. There ain’t no beef that I know of going on right now. It’s a beautiful situation. Let’s keep the city on fire. Let’s keep the world on fire with the songs that they wanna hear, and we’re gonna keep getting it. Everybody keep getting money.

Who are some of your favorite rappers?

Definitely 2Pac. Out of the new artists, I like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and myself. Biggie, Jay Z, just to name a few. And my boy Pimp C.

Outside of music, are you interested in doing any other areas of entertainment? What about a reality show or acting?

No, reality [show], unless it’s some real movies. I might even do p### with a n***a’s girlfriend [laughs]. Anything – commercials, endorsements, I’m with it. I’m a real street hustler. We’re with getting this money all type of ways. It’s never one hustle.

What are your expectations for Let’s Get It?

To just take over the world. When they hear this music off this album – just take over the world. To really be real, this is the best album of the year and going into next year.

Cash Out (via Instagram)
Ca$h Out (via Instagram)

Ca$h Out’s Let’s Get It album is scheduled for release on Tuesday, August 26 via eOne Music.

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