CoreDJs Music Group Premieres: Encrowd Kizzy “Street Love”

Tony Neal’s legendary DJ collective levels up with a new partner, a label deal and a hit record out the gate.

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When one listens to the new song “Street Love” by Encrowd Kizzy featuring G The Singer, you know immediately, “that’s a hit record.” It’s one of those timeless renditions of a classic song that most people don’t touch especially if the original song was made by an R&B diva who can still sell out a venue, singing her old hits, to this day.

G The Singer doesn’t ruin it for those of us that remember the original “Sweet Love” and for the millennials who never experienced Queen Anita Baker’s version, this song introduces young lovers to some real classic soul.

Kizzy’s flow is perfect over the melodic harmonies and the duo accomplish something beautiful without overselling it. “Street Love” will be a favorite during the quarantine and after it’s over, just in time for “sundress season.”

We caught up with Kizzy, just before the pandemic lockdown and this is what the St. Louis native had to say.

AllHipHop: Does your name have a significant meaning?

Kizzy: An old group member back in the day said I had multiple personalities and I use to go by the name Ray Da Kidd but when I would rap, I would say Kizzy and it stuck.

AllHipHop: How long have you been active in the music game?

Kizzy: About 9 years now but I’ve been back grinding hard the last 2/1/2 years, independently, until I met co-CEO and founder of the Core DJs Music Group, K.Epps the Boss.

AllHipHop: How are you going to approach the game as an artist?

Kizzy: Man, I’m (low key) just planning to hit it straight on! Not too much shakes me or get me out of my element but I’m hungry and patient. Plus I’m with a dope team and label.

AllHipHop: Who are some of the artists and producers you’ve worked with for your new music?

Kizzy: No one with a big name, just a few producers in and out of the country but no big features yet.

AllHipHop: Who would you say are your greatest influences in music today?

Kizzy: It would be Kevin Gates, Derez Dashon, and Hov hands down! It’s gotta be real s##t to touch your soul.

AllHipHop: There’s a lot of major artists that came from your city and there’s a lot of talent in the Lou so what are you bringing new to the game for the culture?

Kizzy: St.Louis artists never get their respect for being real and I just wanna drop my street life story from my perspective. My new single “Street Love” is the story of a hustler who meets the right woman he knows he can shape and groom to be a queen. A feel-good record for the ladies who know how to hold a man down.

AllHipHop: So with the climate of today’s artists using ghostwriters, would you use any and have you done any songs for any artists out there now?

Kizzy: No Ghostwriter for me but I would buy a dope beat and a hook, no cap! But I write my own lyrics! For the last year in a half, I actually was back and forth to Cali writing at Warner Bros with my A&R homie Byron B

AllHipHop: Where can fans and followers find you on social media?

Kizzy: Encrowd_Kizzy on IG & Twitter and you can find all my music and visuals on

AllHipHop: Thanks Kizzy and Good luck!