Das EFX And Lords of the Underground Explain Their 90’s Era “Beef”

What’s Beef? Not What You Thing!

The 90’s was such a dope period in Hip-Hop. There was a groundswell of tremendously talented MC’s coming out of every ‘hood all over the land. There was also a lot of beef. Lyrics were exchanged between Das EFX and Lords of the Underground, both of whom had similar imagery surrounding their groups. Das was “straight from the sewer” and Lords was from “the underground,” which caused some to think there was tension. And then, Mr. Funkee of the Lords rapped, “We dropped psycho and everybody thought that it was DAS……. it didn’t effect me! Real Hip-Hop fans were like “Ohhhhhhhhh…..”

However, the beef that we saw never fully manifested itself. To this date, the story was untold. Skoob & Krazy Drayz of Das EFX and Doitall of the Lords recently met at – ironically – 24 Hours of Peace, a community event in Newark, NJ. AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talked to the guys about what went awry and how they eventually fixed it.

Das EFX – “They Want EFX”

Lord of the Underground – “Psycho”