EXCLUSIVE: Jahlil Beats Talks Tandem Music Group, Working With Beanie Sigel & Meek Mill’s ‘Dreamchasers 4’


(AllHipHop Features) Whenever the producer tag “Jahlil Beats holla at me” opens a track, the listener knows they are likely about to experience some heat. The voice of Orlando Tucker’s niece can be heard igniting records such as Meek Mill’s “Monster,” Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N-gga,” and Royce da 5’9”’s “Rap On Steroids.”

Jahlil Beats has an entire catalog of songs he helped create with various artists as well as his own projects like the Crack Music and Legend Era series. With his new venture Tandem Music Group, the production wizard from Chester, Pennsylvania has now embraced the role of an executive as well.

Rising Philadelphia acts CRMC (who recently dropped the joint mixtape New Levels New Devils with Jahlil) and Bok Nero (whose “Hop Out The Phantom” produced by Jahlil was premiered on iHeartRadio) are Tandem’s flagship acts.

Besides building a multifaceted brand, Jahlil continues to construct hits. The Roc Nation affiliate is preparing to warm up the rest of 2016 with work by Meek, Beanie Sigel, Dave East, Fabolous, and more.

AllHipHop.com caught up with Jahlil Beats to talk about some of his recent production and his forthcoming musical efforts.

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You’ve been making moves into the executive arena. Can you talk about Tandem?

We launched Tandem Music Group in January. It’s a publishing company/management company/entertainment business. It stems from Tandem Enterprises, a company I started with my partner and manager Doob [Dave Elliot] and my other partner RahTah [Johnson].

We do real estate. We got the label and sports management division. It’s really stemming from me being in the game for about five years, and wanting to go to that next level, me being inspired by dudes like Jay Z, Diddy, Jimmy Iovine, and Russell Simmons.

When you talk about all the different things Tandem is working on, it reminds me of how Roc Nation has management, the label, and sports. You were one of the first producers to connect with Roc Nation.

And we’re still going strong too.

Was there anything that you learned from that association with Roc Nation?

Yeah, my whole thing was getting under Jay and really seeing how things operated. I didn’t want to just go there and be a producer. I wanted to learn the business aspect of things.

The label might seem big, but the offices are small. It’s pretty much an independent label. Just being inspired by how Ty Ty [Smith], Emory [Jones], Jay Brown, and all those dudes move, I wanted to recreate that or make it better as a young guy.

Who are some of the artists you’re working with on Tandem?

Our first signed act is this kid from Philly named Bok Nero. He does a mix between Hip Hop and EDM. Our first deal with him was a joint venture with Dim Mak, Steve Aiko’s label.

What’s CRMC’s association with Tandem?

They are signed to Tandem only, but we’re about to do a joint venture with them too. We’re talking to about three or four labels. We’re just trying to find the right situation for them. Whoever comes out with the best contract, we’ll go with them.

They’re gearing up to drop a new mixtape next month. It’s like a “jackin for beats” joint where they’re hopping on everybody’s stuff. They do have two exclusive singles produced by me on there. That’s going to be crazy.

Will there be a follow-up to the New Levels New Devils project?

Yeah, that’s in the works. We’re just experimenting with different things. I don’t want them to just have sequels to every mixtape. Whatever song or project catches the public’s ear, we’ll roll in that lane.

There’s been talk about you working with Beanie Sigel. What’s the status of that?

Yeah, Beans was in my studio last week too. We’re actually finishing up the album. Right now, he just did all his stuff. We’re looking to do at least three or four features on the hooks. We’re not really looking for anybody that’s going to rap with him on that. I know Dave East is going to be on there though.

Speaking of Dave East, what happened to the track with him and Bobby Shmurda?

That’s my single. I’m going to drop an EP soon. I’m waiting for the end of the summer. That joint is crazy. I really did it to try to help [Shmurda’s] situation out. I know they’re in an unfortunate situation. I want to give them most of the publishing off the record. I know that would be a big help for them.

Have you had the chance to talk to Bobby since his situation?

I haven’t, but I wrote him though.

Damian Lillard [aka Dame D.O.L.L.A.] recently released “Talk To Em” which you produced. How did that come together?

His people reached out to me. We did the “They Sleep” record. Then he reached out to me himself, and I sent him a whole bunch of joints. He did a gang of records. I don’t know if there’s a full project of us together, but it’s definitely more coming.

As far as what I’m working on – DC4, I’m on Fab’s album. I got mad stuff coming. The Beanie Sigel album. Me and Dave East got mad records coming. My EP is coming. I got mad records with Royce da 5’9”.

I like that joint [“Rap On Steroids”] you have on [Royce’s] mixtape.

They cut Eminem off of that. Em is at the end of the record.

When are we going to hear that [Eminem verse]?

I’m not even sure. I know it’s coming. He’s working on a new project, so I’m sure it’ll end up on there.

You mentioned Meek’s DC4. I heard you called it a classic. Can you give a hint to some of the topics he’s addressing on there?

This one is Meek going back to the streets and giving you so much substance. I think this is his best body of work. I don’t know if it’s going to stick, but we got “Tony Story 3” which is ridiculous. We got some club records. 

He has grown. He’s been through some stuff last year and this year. He has a lot to talk about, so he’s definitely going to answer those questions.

With the stuff he went through last year and his DC3 being considered a classic mixtape, does Meek feel any sense of pressure of having to live up to the anticipation? The public is definitely going to be tuned in when this project drops, and you know there are people just waiting to talk sh-t.

Honestly, from talking to him, I think he’s just excited to release music. Going through what he’s been going through with the system, he’s just happy to be making music right now.

What are your thoughts on what’s happening in Philly right now? Are there any up-and-coming artists right on the verge of breaking?

I think it’s great. One artist I’m really paying attention to is Lil Uzi. He’s blowing up. Everybody wanted to sign this kid at one point. I’m just sitting back and watching what he’s going to do.

It’s a new wave of young cats that’s coming out that’s in the EDM market. That’s why I hopped on Bok Nero. These new dudes are a fusion between Trap, EDM, and some other sh-t. That’s the new sound of Philly, and if you ain’t into it then you’re going to be lost.

With the brothers. @jahlilbeats x @drek_barber Having a drink. #Family

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The Beat Bully is your brother.

Yeah, that’s my little brother – same mom and same dad.

What was happening in your household that led to, not one, but two top-tier producers coming out of that family?

Originally my cousin L [Lamount Graves], taught me how to make music. He lived with us at one point. He was the one that really got us into it. My pop is a producer too. But being next to my cousin with him making music, I was always intrigued by producing.

When stuff started to pop off for me when I was doing my mixtapes and recording all the hottest dudes in the city in my bedroom, Tone [The Beat Bully] was like, “Teach me how to make beats.” So I taught him.

My cousin Sap was another one me and my pop taught. I showed him the ropes. He produced Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump” and Game’s “Celebration.” My nephew makes beats too. He’s hot. It’s about five of us.

You’ve talked about some of your work coming up. What can we expect from Jahlil Beats in the next month or so?

Bok Nero is dropping his EP. I’m working with the kid Zoey Dollaz out of Miami. He’s got the record “Couches” that’s blowing up locally there. I’m starting to hear it on the radio here too. And I’m pretty much just focusing on helping Meek with DC4.

Now, you know I said in the next month, and you mentioned DC4. So people may think that means DC4 is coming in June. [laughs]

Nah, I don’t know when it’s coming. I just know we’re finishing it up. That’s all I can really tell you. I’d say we’re like 88% done. 

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