EXCLUSIVE: Twista Talks Pressure to Succeed & Get Money Gang


Photo Credit: Jimmy Fishbein

Learning from rites-of-passage, both right and wrong, Twista, uses his past to prepare for his future. The Chicago MC has earned the personal wisdom of what’s required to remain relevant within the entertainment business. The recent release of his latest project, Dark Horse, again presents the opportunity to deliver. The classic tongue-twisting presence bolstered by universal concepts with resonating themes will either be embraced by the public; or, it will be ignored.

Twista, has infused decades of dedication into the Hip-Hop spectrum. He understands that pressure to succeed that stalks its entertainers. The following clip details his thoughts on handling this pressure; he also speaks on his label Get Money Gang:

The glitz and glamour associated with the entertainment industry is apparent, after stepping off the stage how do you best handle the pressure; so, that it doesn’t become all encompassing?

Besides focusing on creating and marketing, Dark Horse, what’s in the near future for yourself and the artists on Get Money Gang?


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