Exclusive: Yo Gotti Talks New Album & Keys To Success For Indie Artists


Yo Gotti’s new album, The Art Of Hustle, is on the way! Yo Gotti states that he is in the process of picking the final tracks, and in the album’s artwork, he plans to lay out what the 10 laws of The Art Of Hustle are. Yo Gotti’s (now a veteran in the game) albums, strategic touring, and solid mixtape output have allowed the Memphis emcee to emerge as the people’s champ.

AllHipHop caught up with Yo Gotti to discuss his upcoming album and the keys to success as an independent artist. Check out the interview below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2YFyHVNLMQ&w=630&h=420]

“The key to success being an independent artist is always be willing to do the work yourself. Never wait on no one. Never wait on a record label, never wait on a budget, never on the go ahead. If you feel it and know what you are doing, take that responsibility and roll with it.”

“When you are first getting in the game just know what you are getting in it for. What’s your goals? What winning is to you.”

“The fact that I’m not taking penitentiary federal chances; I’m doing something I love to do naturally is success.”