Floyd Mayweather. Jr: Hip-Hop With 50 Cent and Solo Knock Outs

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. never needed much help in the ring, but what if that ring he’s fighting in is Hip-Hop?   Mayweather, who has rechristened himself as “Money,” plans to take the leap in to the world of Hip-Hop as a rapper, and he’s got the biggest knock-out artist in his corner, 50 Cent. […]

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

never needed much help in the ring, but what if that ring he’s fighting in is



Mayweather, who has

rechristened himself as “Money,” plans to take the leap in to the world of

Hip-Hop as a rapper, and he’s got the biggest knock-out artist in his corner,

50 Cent. In addition to ghostwriting, Mayweather says 50 Cent is a friend who

has been supportive of his stellar boxing career. He’s confident enough to spit

raps for all to judge and ballsy enough to ballroom dance in front of millions

of scrutinizing eyes – go figure.


There’s a good reason for the

one formerly known as “Pretty Boy” to assert his dominance in such a brash manner.

The Hip-Hop pugilist is generally regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in

the world with 38 wins, 24 of which ended in knock out. Before he can get to record

his rap album, he’s got to contend with another extremely confident, unbeaten

champ named Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton of Britain (43 wins, 31knockouts).  He faces Hatton tonight (Dec. 8) on

pay-per-view, but Mayweather says his opponent has as much chance of winning as

Ice Man has in Hell. That’s convinced.



In Las Vegas, at 24 Hour

Fitness Gym, Floyd “Money” Mayweather rolled out his blueprint to AllHipHop.com

and unveiled his plans to work with 50 Cent, offered a listen to his new song “Yep”

and explained how he is going to fight his way into entertainment like he’s

done with boxing.  


-Intro by Chuck “Jigsaw”




AllHipHop.com: So, Floyd  you officially dropped the moniker “Pretty

Boy” and replaced it with “Money.”


Floyd Mayweather: Pretty Boy

Floyd isn’t my name any more—they keep calling me that. But my name is Floyd “Money”

Mayweather. It’s Money Mayweather, until the day I die. When you say the

Mayweather name, it’s about money. When you’re talking Mayweather, you’re

talking money.


AllHipHop.com: Recently you were

a participant in the ABC Network series “Dancing With The Stars” and got

eliminated in the fourth round, what was that experience like?


Floyd Mayweather: Well, it

had me upset at first but I got over it. It was a great experience. I wish I

could do it again, but I’m told they only let you do it once. My advisor

Leonard Ellerbe worked on that deal for over a year. It was an amazing show. I

was basically letting people from the urban communities know that it’s okay to

step outside the box and try something different. Everything isn’t always based

upon Hip-Hop and R&B. I’m not too hardcore to go on “Dancing With The Stars.”

I’m not afraid to go on network television every week and expose myself to a

different audience consisting of 20 or 30 million viewers and not have to be on

pay-per-view to do it.



AllHipHop.com: You recently had

a meeting with Barack Obama, how did that go?


Floyd Mayweather: I can’t

talk about it because it was confidential. No disrespect. I can’t discuss what

we spoke about. The HBO crew was with me filming “24/7” and they had to turn

the cameras off. But, I can say this. It was great to see a man who comes from

the same background as me doing such big things. I am encouraging voters from

the ages of 18-34 to get out there and vote.


AllHipHop.com: Speaking of

big things, you recently showed off your house on TV –  pretty impressive.


Floyd Mayweather: When I

first moved to Vegas I lived on Flamingo and Cobalt Lane at the Meridian. It was a luxury apartment. I was

sitting on about half a million. When Tupac was murdered it occurred on the corner

where I lived.  The crib I have now is

12,000 square feet and everything is paid for. The majority of the cars are

paid for. A couple of them we lease just to keep our credit right, but we don’t

have to. The last Maybach (62) I bought I spent 411 thousand, cash. The

McClaren I spent half million cash on. Whatever I want I go out there and buy.

I’m not a rapper who’s on an album talking about it. You got a lot of rappers that

just talk about it. But me, I really live it. Not to knock what rappers talk

about. But, I really own my own my 12,000 square-foot mansion. I really own

these cars. All of this stuff is paid for. I really got eight figures liquid

cash. I’m not far from $100 million—at all.



AllHipHop.com: So how’s

everything working out with your record label, Philthy Rich Records.


Floyd Mayweather:  With my record label Philthy Rich Records what

we’re trying to do is scout talent and get them deals with major labels. As far

as signing rappers to a deal—it just don’t work like that anymore. Rappers are

not loyal at all! My history goes back to the first rapper I signed, Dirt Bomb.

He was underground. He couldn’t accept the fact that labels didn’t want to take

him because his music was too underground. He just couldn’t take it. He went on

about his business and we went on about our business. We have H-Flo from Cleveland, Ohio and Baggz

Lombardi from Atlantic City,

NJ signed to us. They’re

exceptional rappers. Earl Hayes is another rapper who we spent tons of money

on. He signed with Dr. Dre and Interscope. Dr. Dre and Interscope are not good

business men, but great business men.  We’re

interested in helping Chilli from TLC get her project out there. She got one

hell of a project. She’s also a close friend of mine.


AllHipHop.com: I came across

your rap video on the internet. Since when did you start rapping?


Floyd Mayweather: I don’t call it rapping. I

call it s**t talking. I got too much money to be a rapper. You saw it. It

wasn’t nothing but a freestyle on there. I was playing around. I had a Floyd

Mayweather weekend. A DJ from Atlanta

came out here. He brought his guy out here that had a camcorder. He asked me if

it was alright if he recorded some of me partying and talking for a youtube

contest. I said, ‘No problem!’ I told him I just wanted to see it first. He

agreed. The next thing you know this guy went out there and made up any type of

video that he wanted to make up and went put it up on youtube. I was highly

upset, because we got plans on shooting a real video for the song.


AllHipHop.com: Ok, so tell me about the



Floyd Mayweather:   It’s called “Yep,” some

people spell it “Yup.” However you wanna spell it is how you spell it. Everything

I’m taking about on the song is real. The hook goes like this, “1 to the 2, 2

to the 3, these hating ass n##### can’t f### with me. It’s like 4 to the 5, 5

to the 6, these hatin’ ass n##### all in my mix.” I’m sticking to the basic ABCs

and 123s. I’m not trying to go all outside the box. I’m talking about what’s

real and what I really got. It’s no fronting where I come from. I come from the

Southeast Side [of Grand Rapids,



AllHipHop.com: I know you have referred

to 50 Cent as one of your best friends. Did he have any influence on your decision

to rap or s### talk?


Floyd Mayweather:  Well, I’m pretty sure he’s

going to be in the video for my single. If not that doesn’t change our

friendship. 50 Cent is an icon in the Hip-Hop world just as I am in the sport

of boxing. I look at myself as an entertainer. I don’t want to label myself as

just a fighter. Just being an A-lister and talking with 50 Cent, he’s very

intelligent and he’s one hell of a business man. 50 Cent heard my song and told

me, ‘Floyd I thought you was going to be bull shittin’ with the music. But

after hearing your song, you can really do this.’ It made me feel good. Now I’m

ready to o go out there and s### talk, trash talk or whatever they want to call

it. I’m not a rapper. I got to much money to be a rapper.


(See, Money Mayweather’s “Yep”

and continue reading below the video as the story continues.)



AllHipHop.com: So after 50

Cent said that he liked what you were doing did that boost your confidence?


Floyd Mayweather: Well, he didn’t

say it was bad, he didn’t say it was great. He just said, ‘You shocked me with

this song. He said it’s a cool song. He told me that he was going to ghost

write a couple of songs for my album. I said, ‘No problem.’ Look what he did

for Game, Lloyd Banks, the list goes on and on. Look what he did for the whole






AllHipHop.com: What’s on your

playlist right now?


AllHipHop.com: Keyshia Cole.

She’s the hottest. She’s fire. And my boy from around my way, Willie The Kid,

we bumpin’ him too. He’s truly amazing. I don’t care what they say. Right now,

if I had to choose one of the hottest rappers out there, it’s gotta be Willie

The Kid. I would really love to do business with him.



AllHipHop.com: I agree. Willie The Kid is

a great rapper. There appears to be quite a bit of talent in your hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan,

these days.

Floyd Mayweather: That’s the best kept

secret for talent. It’s a city that’s slept on. If someone’s looking for

rappers, that’s a city that’s slept on! If there’s 20 of them on the block, 19

of them rap and the other one will make a beat.


AllHipHop.com:  I already know. The murder

rate and crime rate in Grand Rapids

is also unbelievable.


Floyd Mayweather: I feel bad that a lot of

kids call my city Gun Ru, because they say the gun rules the city. I like to

call it G Rap because I say the Gs like to rap. We’re going to try and get my

city back on the parallel path. We got the Floyd Mayweather Foundation trying

to give back to the city, so we can keep everything like it’s supposed to be.

We’re trying to preach to the kids about being positive and not negative, and not

killing anyone that looks like you, talk to people in a respectful manner, and

just get along. We feed battered woman and children and we give to people that

are less fortunate.



AllHipHop.com: You’ve talked

about living seven-deep in a one bedroom apartment for a period of time as a

kid, when you’re sitting in your pool or in your house do you ever reflect on

the times you were a disadvantaged youth?



Floyd Mayweather: All the

time. My friends keep me grounded. I don’t really change up. I try to keep

positive friends around. It feels more comfortable when I have friends around

that come from the same background that I come from, ‘cause they can relate to

me better. They can understand the struggle. That makes them want to go out

there and strive harder and be on a mission and be a go getter. Life isn’t all

about materialistic things.


AllHipHop.com: When you went

to England

for the press conference with Hatton it appeared that you were facing possibly

one of the toughest, most irate crowds ever. Do you think that was one of the

most challenging crowds you’ve had to confront?


Floyd Mayweather: You have to

realize a crowd can’t get in there in fight for a fighter.  A fighter must go out there and execute the

game plan that he’s taught and that’s told to him.



AllHipHop.com: So when Ricky

Hatton makes fun of your participation in “Dancing With The Stars,” do his

taunts aggravate you or make you want to get at him even harder?


Floyd Mayweather: Nah, not at

all. He’s entitled to say what he wants to. I’m not worried about him saying me

being on “Dancing With The Stars” was weak. It’s just that I’m versatile and

he’s not. He’s just one-dimensional. I’m an entertainer. I’m able to do movies.

I’m able to box. I’m able to play basketball; I’m able to play football. When

you say Ricky Hatton, he only labeled as a boxer. Who is Ricky Hatton? He’s

just a boxer. That’s it! I can make millions outside the box. I’m a chameleon.

I can adapt to any environment. Something Ricky Hatton can’t do.


AllHipHop.com: Not too long

ago you felt like you weren’t given the credit that you deserved as a fighter.

Do you still feel the same way?


Floyd Mayweather: I’m six

time world champion in five different weight classes. What’s done in the dark

has to come to the light. Great talent has to show. That’s why they can’t deny.


AllHipHop.com: Most of the

so-called experts seem to vote in your favor regarding the upcoming fight with Hatton.

In the past there’s usually been tons of speculation about you winning. Now

there appears to be no doubt, what so ever, that you’re going to take it. How

do you feel about that?


Floyd Mayweather: Because I

don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Being involved with the sport for 20

years, dedicating myself to the sport, it’s truly amazing to do the things that

I’ve done and dominate that sport of boxing. I’m going to continue to do me and

just be me and respect every competitor involved in the sport—you can’t deny God

given talent. Ricky Hatton is considered the best fighter in England. I’m

the best fighter in world. He says he’s going to beat me, but that’s what the

last 38 guys have said and you see what happened to them. He should be lucky

that I’m even giving him this opportunity.