Jackboy Bigs Up Kodak Black And Sends Not-So-Subtle Shots At The Opps

Jackboy is signed to Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang and just released his highly-anticipated, self-titled album.

Jackboy speaks his mind whenever, wherever.

In addition to being besties with Kodak Black, he’s signed to the Florida rapper’s Sniper Gang imprint which means one thing: freedom of speech. Having only been rapping for 3 years now, Jackboy’s rise to the top of the rap game is evident in his music: hard-hitting bangers for the streets.

For someone fairly new to the rap game, the 22-year-old has one of the most loyal fanbases.

Hailing over one million followers on Instagram, the Pompano Beach, Florida spitter has been applying that “Pressure,” killing the game independently and owning his own masters. While Kodak is signed to Atlantic Records, Jackboy is geeked to be on EMPIRE Records who treat him as a priority.

Now, Jackboy releases his highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album. Off the rip, the first voice you hear on the project is Kodak praising him for his talents from behind bars. All bulls##t aside, loyalty is what glues them together. Together, it’s only up from here.

AllHipHop caught up with Jackboy who was driving in Florida, unveiling the new Sniper Gang toilet paper with the letters “NBA” on each square so you can “wipe your ass with.”

AllHipHop: Your IG Live got ratchet for a second.

Jackboy: Yeah, it got ratchet. I’m a project baby so it gets like that from time to time. I don’t even try to do the ratchet Instagram, it just gets like that.

AllHipHop: Did I hear you say that getting head doesn’t count as cheating?

Jackboy: Yeah, getting head doesn’t count as cheating. It doesn’t.

AllHipHop: I don’t know what relationship you’re in, but getting head from another female…

Jackboy: A good one. If ya’ll got an understanding… alright. Before we even get in the relationship, I’m going to let you know I’m a piece of s##t so you’re going to be cool with that. We already know. I f##k with you. You that, but hey!

AllHipHop: You have a solid one I’m guessing?

Jackboy: Hell nah, all them hoes pieces of s##t.

AllHipHop: I could say the same about you men.

Jackboy: You probably could about guys, but the ones I talk to are pieces of s##t for real. They’re scumbags.

AllHipHop: Why don’t you talk to some nice, classy ladies?

Jackboy: I’m transitioning right now. It’s a thing about Instagram models that catch my eye. I know they’re pieces of s##ts because they got OnlyFans, but I’m like damn. I try to still… you know?

AllHipHop: Eventually one day, do you want to settle down, be married and have a family?

Jackboy: Not going to lie, I want to have a family. I want to be married but I don’t think I could be married. How I be hearing people say “oh I’ve been with this person 15 years, 20 years,” I don’t think I could have sex with one person for that long. I’m just being honest. [chuckles] Some people like apples, some people like oranges. Can’t be mad at me! We got oranges over here.

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AllHipHop: I saw your Sniper Gang toilet paper, can you show me?

Jackboy: I need your PO Box so I can send you some equipment. I got you with a free Kodak puzzle. I know you got some thugs in your DMs, you can send them this: Sniper Gang dice. SG is the one. Sniper Gang dice.

AllHipHop: How much money do you lose playing dice?

Jackboy: I don’t lose. If I lose, I rob the dice game. I’m playing. I don’t gamble because I don’t know how to lose. I know how to lose, but I don’t know how to lose and you’re like “yeah, yeah, yeah!” You get turnt up by it. Hell no, you trippin’. I’m on the side, but I ain’t gambling.

AllHipHop: The SG toilet paper says NBA on it, I’m dead.

Jackboy: That’s the part you wipe your ass with. Nobody cares about that part, it’s the part you wipe your ass with. Sniper Gang toilet paper, c’mon man. This is better than Charmin man.


AllHipHop: What was your reaction to NBA Youngboy calling you out?

Jackboy: I didn’t know that was a callout. I’m not going to speak on nothing but I’ll say this for you, certain people in life try to have intimidation tactics. I’ve been a prisoner so in prison, some n##gas get real loud like “man, ya’ll n##gas in this s##t pu##y!” They’ll be saying subliminals. Everybody will be scared because this n##ga’s super loud. Then there’s that one old n##ga, that’ll be me. “Hold on bro, put an address on that s##t. What you talking about?” So I don’t feel that anyone who’s screaming at their fans on Live is calling someone out. You’re screaming at your fans, all that loud s##t. That doesn’t affect me.

AllHipHop: Did you feel it was okay for Kodak to say that from behind bars though?

Jackboy: At the end of the day, that’s my brother. He could say what the f##k he wants to say. If he says the sky is green right now, that’s what it is. That b##ch green. When we’re one on one, I tell him “you dumber than a b##ch, the sky ain’t green.” But to the world, that motherf##ker’s green. f##k that! He says that b##ch green, that b##ch green. One on one? Bruh that s##t ain’t green fam, that’s blue. It’s okay for Kodak to do whatever Kodak wants to do, Kodak is Kodak.

AllHipHop: Because you’re loyal to Kodak.

Jackboy: Not because I’m loyal to Kodak — at the end of the day, I’m a man. You’re a female. Every man chooses how they want to come with themselves in life. Some men speak on what they want to speak on, some men bite their tongue. A man biting their tongue, that’s a little boy. Little boys get s##t done to them. Little boys get bullied. Little boys get s##t thrown on them. Grown ass men? I don’t play with my friends like that.

I don’t call my homeboy, “hey b##ch!” I don’t say that. My dawg is not no b##ch, we don’t even play like that. We’re not even going to open them doors for you to feel comfortable calling me no b##ch, for you to feel comfortable playing with me at any time. Just because we’re homeboys, you’re not finna throw no water in my face. I don’t give a f##k how much money you have, we’re going to respect each other. I’m on your level, you’re on my level.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to have your album Jackboy climbing the charts?

Jackboy: I’m here. I don’t feel any way, me and my n##gas on the same s##t. Kodak’s album been #1 on these n##gas, so I went #1. Kodak been went Platinum, I went platinum. b##ch can’t tell me I’m not Platinum. My brother went Platinum. Suck my d##k, I went Platinum. That’s how I feel to people who say he hasn’t gone Platinum. I’ve been on the charts. I’ve been seeing Jack rock shows in front of everybody. At the end of the day, all that s##t was me too. That’s my brother! It was no difference. I was there with him, we both went through it.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to have Kodak open the album, then be on the track “Like A Million”?

Jackboy: I didn’t want to put “Like A Million” on there, but Kodak told me to put it on there. I wasn’t going to put no Kodak feature on there because everybody wants to say “Oh Kodak, Kodak.” I wanted to be like “alright, don’t put no Kodak feature on there! I’ma show you I’m pressure.” But Kodak said “put that s##t on there,” he wanted that song out. Me and him have so many songs, he has to set up how he wants to release it. I’m like “alright.”

AllHipHop: Damn, you weren’t going to put Kodak on your debut project?

Jackboy: At the end of the day, that’s my brother and I could do it. I see a lot of artists do that but I’m not no slouch ass n##ga. I’ma show and prove, then I’ma jump on my brother’s s##t. But I’ma show and prove first. I have no problem showing and proving s##t, that’s easy.

AllHipHop: What does it mean to have him support you from behind bars?

Jackboy: We’ve been supporting each other. I supported him behind bars, he’s supported me behind bars before. We went through this type of situation before this. It’s sad to say it’s not new, but it is what it is. n##gas live the life, so it’s alright. Whatever.

AllHipHop: Is Kodak holding up okay?

Jackboy: C’mon man. You have to understand, Kodak isn’t going to let nobody play with him.The C.O.’s might try to do extracurricular just because he’s Kodak. Not even C.O.’s, it’s male C.O.’s. Ya’ll hating because there’s females C.O.’s on me because I’m Kodak. Ya’ll super hating, so I’ma back you f##k n##gas up. I don’t have to go to war with ya’ll how ya’ll want to do, because that’s what C.O.’s do. That’s what I did in jail, I fought the C.O.’s. I got 3 charges on my record right now for fighting a C.O. Hell nah, he’s Kodak. I don’t have to do that. What the f##k? Suck my d##k. I’m not about to fight with you about this jail C.O. that I’m not finna do anything with when I come home. Stop playing.

AllHipHop: How long were you locked up for?

Jackboy: I did more than one bid. The last time, I did 19 months. Almost 2 years.

AllHipHop: What did you learn from jail that time around?

Jackboy: To be honest, jail as far as life didn’t really teach me s##t. The only thing jail taught me was my work. Because waking up, the n##gas I was locked up with, the s##t n##gas talk about, it’s like what the f##k am I around?

AllHipHop: What are they talking about?

Jackboy: S##t that goes on in jail, jail s##t. It’s nothing that talks about no real deal hustle. I used to sit back and listen like “man, how the f##k?” To the point if you sit back and watch what’s going on around the world, there’s no way you should be running circles around whoever if you real deal hustle. People hustling, that confuses people. You’re f##ked up, I’ma run laps around your dumb ass.

AllHipHop: Were you rapping as much in jail? Were you writing?

Jackboy: In jail, I was writing. When I came home, somebody took the notebook. It went missing, so recorded straight new s##t. Now, I don’t write nothing. I just go.

AllHipHop: You said EMPIRE dropped a bag on you. How big of a bag did they drop on you?

Jackboy: Shout out EMPIRE. Just know I’m gleeful. [chuckles] I’m gleeful! I could present it. They dropped a bag big enough to the point I can present it. I could present it how I want to present it.

AllHipHop: And Kodak gives you freedom of speech, so you can do whatever you want.

Jackboy: Being signed to Kodak, I can say whatever I want. If I want to drop today, I could drop today.

AllHipHop: Are you already working on your next one?

Jackboy: Listen, I’m about to drop. Different flows, versatile. It’s never going to be “oh, this s##t sound…” Nah dog, you’re not going to say that. You could say whatever, but not this s##t’s the same. That’s what they haters are going to say: “it’s aight!” If you don’t like it, “it’s aight.”

AllHipHop: What’s your favorite song on the album?

Jackboy: I don’t have a favorite song. I’m on some other s##t. I don’t even want to hear them songs anymore. That’s how you get better. Even when I first started rapping, I didn’t know how to say goo goo gaga on that b##ch and make it sound good. But you could hear a difference from every single project I dropped. When I drop, I’m like “alright, I don’t want to hear that s##t. I want some new s##t now.”

The next project? b##ch that’s more turnt than this, then I’m done with that. The next project, oh s##t! I don’t get stuck on that. A n##ga’s like “damn this was the main hit on that song, let me try to keep on recreating this song.” n##gas try to keep on recreating the same song. That’s why you might hear in a different song, “damn, that part sounds the same.” Every song sounds the same now.

AllHipHop: What’s your relationship with YFN Lucci?

Jackboy: I f##k with bro. I don’t know who sung the song first. If I send him whatever, he’ll send that b##ch back in a matter of seconds.

AllHipHop: That’s fire, is that how your other features were? They send it right back?

Jackboy: I sent that to Casanova. Casanova’s big cocky ass took a long ass time to send my s##t back. That’s why I’ve been doing pushups, just chill. I’ve been doing my pushups. Casanova cocky ass took forever but for the video, he came through. However long he needed to stay, he made sure a n##ga was straight however. I f##k with Casanova the long way. Every time I’m in New York, bro pull up and brings me gas. Free gas, all types of s##t.

AllHipHop: What’s your relationship with Fredo Bang?

Jackboy: Oh I f##k with dude. I met him before all that f##kery, how people tried to play him. I met him in Miami, he was at a studio. I support dawg. We were supposed to do a song that day but at that time, I had a girlfriend. We got into an argument. She thought she was a UFC fighter, she tried to fight me all in the studio so I had to bob and weave up out that b##ch. [laughs]

AllHipHop: What’s your favorite Kodak song?

Jackboy: I don’t have a favorite Kodak song, hell no. See the world likes Kodak so much, they’re like “ah damn, I feel that s##t.” However they feel it. You have to imagine the people with him who know what’s going on, know the name he’s saying and know everything that’s really going on, it hits different. It’s like “damn, I like this song and I like this song and I like this song and I like this song.” You can’t pick none.

AllHipHop: “Testimony” is my s##t, that makes me cry.

Jackboy: That’s my s##t too.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

Jackboy: You have to go download that Jackboy.