Jet Life's Smoke DZA: The "SweetbabyKushedgod" Has Risen


What do you call it when you mix a cold, rainy night, three crazy sidekicks, some of that “Dour,” a candlelit Korean restaurant (with a waitress whose name is NOT Ming Lee), and the NYPD (again)?

You call it an interview with rapper Smoke DZA.

In fact, Harlem’s head honcho of herb always brings an adventure for the cameras – and most of the time, he hasn’t planned it in advance. Things are just zany that way in the life of the laid back, fun-loving Smoke DZA, the recent signee to Curren$y’s Jet Life Records and Smokers Club veteran who has orchestrated the evening’s plans. Which are simply to: Go get some food. Take part in an interview. Go home. In that order. Catching up with Smoke DZA means first talking about holding down “The Smokers Club Tour” again this year, along with some personal power moves he’s made in recent months:

DZA, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed Kushed god, is the center of attention on this particular evening because of a hilarious, smoke-filled video he released on the “night before Christmas.” Over spicy wings and Hennessey, DZA explains that it was something he just “threw together” in a matter of days. The constant high doesn’t seem to keep his creativity low – the EP title, SweetbabyKushedgod, is a play off of a popular track from the smash album, Watch The Throne. And, he says the title track, the laugh-inducing “Christmas In The Trap” video, and the full EP are a holiday gift from him to the fans. Watch as DZA breaks down the EP and shares why the dope visuals are so important to his Cinematic Music Group camp:

Months ago, DZA revealed to that he loved Watch The Throne, placing Jay-Z in his “Top 5 Dead or Alive” list, while the NYPD rolled slowly past his interview/smoke session. His love for Hova doesn’t crowd out the Kushed god’s unique sound and persona, though. Spend a few minutes with him, and you’ll notice that he’s an uplifting observer of life in general, even if the “stoner” lifestyle still permeates most of his lyrics. In this clip, he talks about fully embracing the smoky lane he’s been handed, along with some “godly” predictions for 2012:

In the end, when you’re around Smoke DZA, the adventure always continues off-camera. Upon wrapping up the interview and leaving the Korean restaurant, DZA and company, possibly in a post-herbal haze, realize the car they arrived in was mistakenly parked in a tow-away zone. Seriously, the car is straight up gone, but in the cold rain, he calmly handles the situation. Literally within minutes, out of nowhere, a driver/friend comes to the rescue and carts everyone (interviewer included) to the NYPD Tow Impound. Problem solved, the Kushed god moves on, and the blunts keep burning. Riiiiiiiight.

Download Smoke DZA’s SweetbabyKushedgod The EP for free HERE. Follow him on Twitter: @smokedza. See the full tracklisting below.

SweetBabyKushedGod Tracklisting:

1. Smokey Klause (P###. By 183rd & Kenny Beats)
2. Christmas In The Trap (P###. By 183rd)
3. SWV feat. Domo Genesis & Mookie Jones (P###. By Lex Luger)
4. What’s Goodie (P###. By 183rd & Maki)
5. 4 Loko Remix feat. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvy, Danny Brown, Killa Kyleon & Freeway (P###. By 183rd)
6. Big Bad & Dangerous feat. Action Bronson (P###. By 183rd)
7. Bout That Life (P###. By Maki & 183rd)
8. Money Down feat. P-IC (P###. By A-Foe)
9. Dear Winter (P###. By Flying Lotus)