Just 2 Cents: Kreayshawn Talks Mitt Romney, Obama And The Drama!


Kreayshawn, former White Girl Mob rapper, turned heads at last year’s MTV VMAs, not because of her nomination for Best New Artist for her song, “Gucci Gucci”, but because of her beef and near altercation with the bawse Rick Ross, in which she referred to him as fake in a freestyle.

This year as she prepares to drop her debut studio release, Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, on September 18, she kept it politically correct on the VMAs carpet, as she spoke on the upcoming election and how she feels about Nicki Minaj being Team Romney, her own drama, and Obama.

AllHipHop.com: Obama’s up for re-election do you want to see him win?

Kreayshawn: Yeah, I missed his speech, but I saw Romney’s, so when I saw that, I was like yeah! Go Obama!

AllHipHop.com: What do you think about Nicki Minaj’s show of support for Romney?

Kreayshawn: I think it was supposed to be like a cleaver lyric. I don’t know her, but I don’t know if she’s like 110% serious with that, but I think it was like a metaphor.

AllHipHop.com: Like a publicity stunt?

Kreayshawn: I mean, a metaphor, that’s what it is, ya know?

AllHipHop.com: You think women need to create these kinds of illusions and stunts to try to compete with the men?

Kreayshawn: I think everyone likes drama, and it’s all about the drama.

AllHipHop.com: Well, you like a little drama yourself, don’t you?
Kreayshawn: Yeah, things get dramatic sometimes, and if you can mix that with a rap, it’s like talent and drama mix together.

AllHipHop.com:  You think that drama helps or hurts Hip-Hop?

Kreayshawn: I think it hurts, but it’s what the media does. It’s the damn media’s fault.

Damn the Evil Media. Damn us! Love you regardless, Kreayshawn! Check for Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay on September 18.