Juvenile: Brand New Day

Juvenile getting back with Cash Money is like N.W.A. reunion that everybody longed for. Juve’s return marks the return of the label’s greatest selling rapper and a mending of past beefs – sort of. While his foray alone didn’t get exactly as he planned, the Magnolia representer is taking it back to ’98 with his […]

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Juvenile getting

back with Cash Money is like N.W.A. reunion that everybody longed for. Juve’s

return marks the return of the label’s greatest selling rapper and a mending

of past beefs – sort of.

While his foray

alone didn’t get exactly as he planned, the Magnolia representer is taking it

back to ’98 with his eyes fixed on the future.


What’s going on right now with ya’ll?

J: You know what’s

up, we trying to get this album out December the 23rd. Juve The Great man, you

heard me!


Why you call it that?

J: Because man

I gave them what they wanted, a lot of people say "when we going to hear

some songs like on 400 degrees? That was the Juve I know." I gave them

that same thing, Juve The Great, himself.


Your still the best selling artist that Cash Money ever had.

J: I know this



What made you guys patch things up, are ya’ll patched up or is it just

straight business?

J: It’s straight

business man it’s not too much of a friendship, It’s just a fact.

Come on man lets do this business. Let’s get this business right and lets do

this and make some money.


Yeah, who made the connection, was it you or them?

J: Me. I was making

sure I was going to make the connection because of my lawyer. I would say my

lawyer made the connection.


So, is it a better situation than you had before money wise?I know you had beef

over the money.

J: Yeah, I am

not tripping.


So how are you trying to come out? The last album was almost another era ago,

Rap has changed.

J: I’m a

trendsetter myself and I always felt like that. I felt that I was a rapper that

could change the whole era and the way people do things so I just did me man.

I tried to branch out a little bit. Do different flows, different skills…

different topics.


What other crew members are going to be on the album?

J: I got Manny

n the first single and that’s really just about it. Everything else is

just Juve and UTP.


UTP, the group is still together? I guess some people thought it was a wrap.

J: Well people

thought it was a wrap because [Young] Buck made his move to G-Unit. The whole

thing with Buck leaving at the time, is I wasn’t straight and we always

had this thing if you had an opportunity come to you, you take it. You always

come back and look out for the captain.


So there’s no beef between you and Young Buck then?

J: Nah, there

isn’t no beef between Buck and me.


So your happy for him and he’s had a lot of success…

J: Yeah! No matter

what Buck does it makes me look good because I spent a lot of time with him.


So you won’t be on the album though?

J: Nah, unfortunately

when I was doing my album I was captivated to myself and he was traveling with



So do you have a label situation that you’re trying to setup?

J: Yeah, right

on the nose.


Any detail about that?

J: I don’t

want to put to many details out there but we been back and fourth with Sony

and we’re to the money point. And if that don’t work I got a liitle



So how are the people responding to you coming back? A lot of people were pretty

happy to see you back to where you started more or less because they want to

catch that old feeling back from the early days.

J: I knew my fans

were happy, because my fans really want to hear me and a lot of people who liked

Cash Money back then. So with me doing that, I know it was a good move for Skip

and Wacko too because we on the Universal system which is the best system in

the music industry. I want to take full advantage of that.


I remember your first video, it was one of the craziest videos I ever saw. It

was just raw, I was like "who is this dude he’s so ghetto?" How

different is that Juvenile to this Juvenile?

J: That’s

where I’m at to be honest with you. I’m on some other s###. I done

jumped the fence like 20 times on this album.


You recently had an issue with the law

J: I don’t

even want to get into that because that’s nothing major and that situation

been handled and taken care of. Somebody want to be on frontline, they want

to promote s### and I ain’t trying to give them that.


What are your views on the Internet, I heard you had a situation with a bootlegger.

J: I’m going

to be honest with you; it was a friend of mine that stole something from me.

You aren’t going to kill them, but you going to whoop em. That was more

personal if anything.


Are you open to more or less stay out of trouble?

J: I’m going

to stay out of trouble, Juve don’t get convicted for nothing. All the promotion

they put on TV, I jumped a bootlegger and stuff like that, you got to understand

that don’t hurt me. Not to be the most ignorant person in the world, but

some of my fans want to know if you’ll bust a m########### in the head.


Is it hard to maintain that rep?

J: I’m not

trying to maintain anything; I’m a people person.


So you and little Wayne have ya’ll managed to patch anything up? His last

album was 500 degrees.

J: We haven’t

never sat down and talked or anything like that. We still in the same building

but rushing him would do nothing, tripping’ like that.


Have you spoken to BG or Turk?

J: Oh yea all

the time. Not Turk so much because I don’t ever see him. Me and BG chill.

We really don’t talk about nothing. I be talking about how good he look

most of the time, because he done got bigger than a m###########. Him and my

dog Slim are working on the album.


So how ya’ll feel about New York do ya’ll enjoy it?

Skip: We come

through here all the time, over on 145th. We know where that herb at and everything.


So what’s the best thing about New York that ya’ll like?

S: That Purple!


Where ya’ll buy ya’ll jewels from?

S: From the projects!



So ya’ll don’t go to Jacob or nothing like that?

S: I got a kid

out there at the Diamond Exchange we go get our own s### made. We got a cat

in Miami who does the same thing.