Liza Rios Charges Big Pun Ghost Wrote Many Of Fat Joe's Lyrics


Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios has been clearing the air about a few things Terror Squad and Fat Joe related. She stated that she was there from the beginning when Big Pun released his Capital Punishment debut album. “I was the one rewinding the tape,” said Rios. She was also there when Big Pun gave Fat Joe the mob-influenced moniker Don Cartagena. She has been very clear that she feels the Terror Squad boss probably owes her monies from income earned since Pun died. However, she rebukes an assertion previously denied by Fat Joe – that the late Big Pun wrote much of his material.  AllHipHop sat down with Rios to discuss Big Pun’s involvement in Fat Joe’s rap career and she let it be known that Big Pun was a ghostwriter for some of the Bronx Bomber’s material. As a matter of record, these are allegations that AllHipHop is unable to verify, however Liza maintains Pun – and later TS’s Remy Ma & Armageddon – helped Joe crank out dope material.

She said:

“[Pun] wrote his stuff. When Joe came to the table Joe put a lot of pressure on Pun because he was like according to how good you do is how I’m going to get this deal, how I’m going to benefit.

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She went on to say:

“He changed Joe’s name; he did the whole Don Cartagena. Of course he will never own it. The business is the business, you know there’s ghostwriters in the business. A rapper is not going to admit oh yeah I have a ghostwriter; a rapper is supposed to write your own lyrics. Singers do it all day, but for a rapper to not write his own lyrics is not looked upon right.”

“Every song that Joe was on with Pun, Pun wrote the whole song and the verse. Whatever verse Joe was on Pun wrote it. Then after Pun passed away other people started to write.”

Check out the interview below.

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