Liza Rios Says Big Pun Would Be Heartbroken By What Fat Joe Did To His Family


Last year Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios, filed a lawsuit against Fat Joe, asking for more than a million dollars. In the lawsuit, Rios stated that she and Fat Joe had a deal to split money made by Big Pun following the rapper’s passing in 2000. Despite the alleged deal, Rios said she hasn’t received any money since ’05.

AllHipHop recently sat down with Rios to talk about the Terror Squad’s actions or lack thereof since Big Pun’s untimely passing. Rios said Big Pun put in a lot of work for Terror Squad and made it what it was, and for them to turn their back on the family and the children is disappointing. Whether there was a contractual obligation to do so or not, her family feels that because of the relationship, they should still be there for the family.

“I feel sorry for him [Big Pun] because if he could see what’s been going on he would be heartbroken. He loved his family; he loved Joe and The Squad. That was his heart. For him to give so much to Terror Squad and….at his demise at his passing for them to turn their backs on his family, his kids… for me that was upsetting.

Rios also talked about her son following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a music artist.

“I’m excited. Initially, any of the kids getting into the business I’m like oh my God because the business is a cut throat business. Thank God I learned, and I stood by their side. I support them 100% like I supported my husband… It’s uncanny him and his dad the way the rhyming is. I say you sound just like your dad.. not that he tries too.”

Check out the interview below.