Mickey Factz & Chilla Jones Talk “Pendulum Ink” Lyricists Masterclass

Mickey Factz Chilla Jones

Pendulum Ink is a masterclass for emcees created by hip-hop heads, offering over 80 classes in lyrical and practical skills.

Pendulum Ink is bringing academia to hip-hop with a masterclass for emcees of all abilities in an innovative move to educate lyricists, enabling them to sustain a career in the industry and beyond. 

The brainchild of rapper Mickey Factz, Pendulum Ink offers an eight-month course designed for “lyricists, poets, rappers and surveyors,” teaching tried and tested techniques honed by high-level emcees.  

The course offers 80 classes on hip-hop history, rap theory, advanced techniques, technical writing specialties, and more taught by the Pendulum Ink team. Students will also learn practical tools, including managing contracts, how to monetize their brand, and planning an exit strategy for post-rap retirement.  

Pendulum Ink is just getting started and has plans to roll out a curriculum and syllabus that can be licensed to universities worldwide, allowing emcees to continue building academia in hip-hop.  

The Pendulum Ink Syllabus 

Boston rapper and battle rapper Chilla Jones brings his wealth of experience to the battle rap class, teaching the foundations of the sport alongside techniques for writing and delivery plus essential marketing know-how. He and Mickey also deliver an advanced level class breaking down high-level lyricism. 

Comik Book Cam will teach rap theory, and Rhymecology will explore the emotional aspects of writing in a mental health class. Among the special guest teachers joining the program each month are Phonte, Grafh, Masta Ace, Skyzoo, Sa’roc, and Chino XL, beginning with Inspectah Deck and culminating with Method Man. Pendulum Ink revealed Comick Book Cam’s comprehensive rap theory syllabus, detailing the skills emcees will learn throughout the course.

Mickey Factz and Chilla Jones revealed exclusively to AllHipHop that Bun B will be the commencement speaker at their in-person graduation. 

They also explain how and why they condensed 10-15 years’ worth of expertise into an eight-month masterclass and discuss their view of lyricism in mainstream hip-hop today, breaking down some misconceptions surrounding the skill level (or lack thereof) in trap music.  

Watch the full interview below.