More Than One Hand Needed: Too Short's Top 5 Female Sex Symbols


Too Short is famous for pimp talk and, well, graphic sex in his music. Naturally, women play an important role in his imagery. Considering his countless X-rated raps, the 2003 p### he performed in called “Get In Where You Fit In 1″, and his connections to the pimp community, women might just be the gravitational pull that makes Too Short’s world go round.

Keeping these things in mind, it was safe to assume he had a healthy interest in women and sex – and so, asked Too Short to name his “Top Five Female Sex Symbols”:

(Based on his answers, it is clear that the aforementioned assumption was correct. But…he played coy!)

Too Short: Female sex symbols [laughs]. Oh my God, I’m such a pervert! I can’t narrow it to five [laughs]. You can say more. Don’t worry about it.

Too Short: Female sex symbols, I can’t ‘Top 5.’  I just want to f*ck ‘em all. Give ‘em all to me.jlopez grammy dress Okay [laughs].

Too Short: I don’t even like celebrity girls, man. I like look-a-likes.  If I got a J.Lo look-a-like… Yeah, man, after seeing her in that dress she wore to the Grammys (in 2000)…

Too Short: My Top 5 would be all the hot, Latin chicks. Any order. Colombian, Puerto Rican, Cuban…I don’t give a f*ck.  We’d [be] good to go.

What do you think of Short Dog’s list? Why didn’t he want to drop names?? Speak your mind in the comments section!