Stat Quo: Hotter Than July 4th

Status Quo is like the average, which is the bar that most common folk live by. But new Shady/ Aftermath signee Stat Quo is set to change the bar that hip-hop is judged by. “Like I’m real cocky with that. Like that’s some cocky s**t right there,” he says, “but we going to go ahead […]

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Status Quo is like the average, which is the bar that most common folk live by. But new Shady/ Aftermath signee Stat Quo is set to change the bar that hip-hop is judged by. “Like I’m real cocky with that. Like that’s some cocky s**t right there,” he says, “but we going to go ahead and deal with it.” There is good cause to be cocky after going to college, graduating but defecting from a 9-5 for the grind in music. All of his grassroots grind culminated with a deal with the good Dr. Dr and his protégée Eminem. talked to the Atlanta resident and he explains how he got to where he is and where he is going. Tell me about yourself.

Stat Quo: Born in Atlanta Georgia Grady hot villa. Me, my mom stay in Thomasville Heights Projects which is off of by Marlin Ave. in Atlanta. Move from there to the southwest side of Atlanta to South Carolina Stone Tree apartments. Then move to a far west towards an industrial area, that’s pretty much the areas I stayed. I moved around a lot cause my mom tried to keep me up out of s**t. Ni**as was a little trouble. My daddy wasn’t f**kin there he ain’t never do s**t, wasn’t bout s**t. Rapping wasn’t really my thing. I did it for fun, but I really thought I was going to be a hoop star. I was going to play basketball. Your people say you got a degree in International Business.

Stat Quo: When I graduated high school, I went off to college at University of Florida,

beause I wanted to play basketball. So I was also trying to get on and do the basketball thing just end up really.. I got the school thing. I just really got into it, and when I graduated I had planned to go to Law school, but I did a demo.. And I had heard Ludacris on the radio talking about ‘I just sign to Def Jam South.’ So I was like ‘F**k this s**t’ I’m a do this music thing. So you graduated?

Stat Quo: Yeah I graduated, but I was like ‘s### I need to get some money’ and the hustle ain’t going to do it forever. Cause I had hustle my way through school and I still was hustling. Sometimes them degrees man, getting them jobs it ain’t really that it ain’t as easy as they say. I started rapping full time man. Why didn’t your roll with Scarface?

Stat Quo: Man, like he had a lot going on and his s**t was just starting up. And at the time, like I thought I could just do a demo and turn it in and that’d be it. I just thought a motherf**ker was going to give it to me. So, I wasn’t willing at the time to put my s### in the street and to put my own money behind that and put my s### in the street. So I didn’t deserve to have no record deal. So talk about your mix tape credibility and the grind behind that.

Stat Quo: Man I did… so like I said I had done all these demos and I had turn them in all these motherf**kers, everybody knew me the industry. Me and my homeboy Zeek used to sit up at Def Jam South just at the office man just really just sit back and watch the game. And this m########### 50 Cent got this s### on lock. “What the f**k? Why the f**k? What’d he do?” Yeah this ni**a got a mix tape. And then I was like damn I’m from Atlanta motherf**kers really don’t be mix tapes down here. So I was like listen and Zeek was like man let’s do a mix tape. I was like you motherf**king real let’s do a mix tape. So I did the “Underground Atlanta Volume 1” and man we got out here in the street and we was sending them out, mailing them out all kind of s###. In the street, all around every time handling them to people. That’s really how that s### got started. It was the mix tape. So talk about your difference from you and artists like Lil’ Jon and Outkast and other Atlanta rappers.

Stat Quo: Its just another facet of the game. Its just like 50 is a different New York artist. He don’t rap like Jay-Z. People try to stereotype that area as being everybody out that area is like that person. Lil Jon and Outkast is way different. Outkast and Youngbloodz is way different. Ludacris is way different. So me and all them m############ is way different. It’s all represent of A- town. It’s all one big happy family. What you working on now?

Stat Quo: I’m working on my album. I’m on Shady Aftermath and I’m working on my album right now. I got probably five or six songs dont. And you know trying to get it out sometime September. What artists will you have featured?

Stat Quo: Scarface is going to be on there for sure. Young Marshall – Eminem going to do some beats. He’s going to rap, Dre going to do some beats. You did a mix tape with Dre first?

Stat Quo: I did this freestyle s### on my Underground Atlanta Volume 2. I did a freestyle with a Dre. That’s the s**t I put out. You doing something with Eminem?

Stat Quo: Yeah I’m doing a mix tape Eminem cause he’s going to host the mix tape. It’s “Underground Atlanta Volume 3” that’s going to be the next s### to come out. And then after I put that out I’m a come out with my album. How you met up with Dre?

Stat Quo: When I put that Underground Atlanta Volume 1 out, and [Mel Man] handed it out to him in the street. He got the CD and [Mel Man] called me like eight times on the phone, which I was already out in L.A. cause I was working with this R&B group called Isis. He called me like eight times on the phone and I kept hanging up on the him, because like I thought it was my peoples playing around with a me. You know cause my people be acting stupid. I was like man I don’t even know if Mel Man still f**k Dre like that. So I go over [to the studio] man and I played like three songs. He’s like ‘Play these songs when you go up in here.’ He’s like ‘I’m going to change your life’ and I walk up in there man and there was Young Andre that was Dr. Dre right in front my face. I put my f###### songs on this ni**a knew the words to my s**t. I’m like I just lost my mind.

Dr. Dre is a motherf**king mad man. He’s an alien. He’s not from the planet Earth. Dude is from somewhere else. He’s a motherf**king alien, you understand me? Andre 3000 them motherf**kers they aliens for real. You can’t be from this planet dog what they be doing man. Like Jay-Z is an alien dog. He got like eight hundred rhymes. How you remember all that? Like what’s wrong with this dude. I just hope to try to get close. You feel me? Have you named the album?

Stat Quo: It’s tentatively titled Hot Sauce man. And I came up with that title cause like food is good man. But when you put that hot sauce on it, it really just takes it to that other level. What do people expect from you?

Stat Quo: Hey man s### that real s**t hey we going to talk about life, we going to have some fun, we going to just introduce another side of this A-town through me. I’m a let them my people speak vicariously through me. And I’m a deliver a message for motherf**kers that ain’t been heard. Where you see yourself in the long run in rap?

Stat Quo: Man behind a desk with my feet up. You know on some Bill Clinton and s**t with a Monica Lewinsky in between my lap. Something like that. Cutting somebody a check.