Streets is Talking: Young Buck Part Two How did you come out about speaking to Game to dead the beef? Young Buck: I was on a promotional tour for radio. I was making sure that all my records get played around, being I got a hit record “Get Buck.” Once I got to L.A., the politics of the music had people […]

Win A $75 Giftcard To Footlocker How did you come out about speaking to Game to dead the beef?

Young Buck: I was on a promotional tour for radio. I was making sure

that all my records get played around, being I got a hit record “Get

Buck.” Once I got to L.A., the politics of the music had people kind of

f**ked up due to the drama [from] G-Unit and Game. My spins wasn’t

powerful out there, so I had go to see why. I had number one spins

everywhere else, but in L.A., Felli Fel was pretty much explaining to

me how a lot of DJs were looking at it and he asked me if I would be up

to speaking to Game on the phone. If that’s what it takes to get some

understanding to make sure my music can be played everywhere, then

let’s do it. That’s pretty much what it was.

It was scheduled when dude was supposed to come up to the station and

sit down and be face-to-face, but they didn’t want it to go down like

that. So we did it over the phone. Yo, when I spoke to Game, I’m going

to be real, it wasn’t no f**ked up conversation, [there was] no

disrespect from his end or my end. Honestly, he was speaking on

suggestions of what it would be like if we were to rock on tour

together, and how much would we be making and all this good stuff. And

at this point, he just wanted to make records and he was telling me

some of the reasons why he had said some of things towards me – because

he had a record coming out. He didn’t really have reasons to diss 50,

but he wanted to make sure his album could come out, just a lot of

different things. We left the conversation on a note where you do you,

without mentioning us and we do us, without mentioning you.

But s**t, bro, not even a couple of days later, he was right back to

dissing a n***a, doing mixtape records, which for me, was a slap in the

face. It was like, “Oh s**t, man, I just had this conversation [with]

you and made an effort at least not do nothing because the beef ain’t

with me, it started my homeboy 50, who I’m down with to the end.” And I

just made an effort to try to get an understanding out of the s**t and

[he] agreed with it, [so to] then going against it, [just] shows the

bi-polar in him. The world starts to understand the G-Unit aren’t so

much the aggressors in the situation. I think he feels that’s the way

to keep [The Doctor’s Advocate]

alive. We were just talking about selling a record; I’ve never been a

n***a to fall in that position. [The Game] thinks he can go out there

and diss a female like Vida Guerra and gain some attention, when in

reality, a real n***a is looking [at it] like, “Nah, what are you

doing? A female that can’t rap or got nothing do with anything at

that!” You actually went to 50 to dead the beef with Game?

Young Buck: In the beginning, I was the first one to ever speak to 50

about the whole the s**t. Back then, when the situation first started,

I was dealing with hearing Game’s whole conversation with Spider Loc

off the phone, and Spider was like, “Listen and put the phone on

speaker.” I would hear Game saying, “I’m ready to wave the white towel

before s**t get crazy, I’m through with this s**t.” So I would hear

enough coming from Game’s mouth on Spider Loc’s phone and that I went

to 50 and told him this dude didn’t want any problems. I told him Game

wanted to wave the white towel, and you know what 50 told me, bro? Go ahead.

Young Buck: He looked me right in my eye and said, “I’m not f**king

with it.” I was looking at 50 the first time like, “Damn bro, this

n***a talking about waving the white towel, so why you ain’t f**king

with it, maybe you tripping a little bit?” 50 said, “I’ll give him a

week before he’s on the radio doing something else.” It wasn’t even two

days later, your man Game was on the radio back at it already. Do you think Game was leaning on DJs out in the West Coast so they wouldn’t play your record?

Young Buck: I don’t think Game got enough power to make the West Coast

just stop any G-Unit record. I think the fact of them not knowing how

the situation is makes them hesitant going into a situation where they

have to live out there. It’s like you coming into my city and you a DJ

from Cashville supporting everything that Game is doing knowing how

real s**t is. I just wanted the DJs to see for themselves that it’s not

us and I think they see that now, by him showing his bi-polar side. He

didn’t only burn me by going back two days later dissing me after our

conversation on the phone, I think he burned n***as like Felli Fel and

all the DJs that help that situation [too]. What about that interview where 50 said he puts you in

the same vein as a Game after you made up with his enemies.

Young Buck: That came from two different conversations, bro. 50 spoke

and said what he said on the radio pretty much on Yayo putting his

hands on the kid. I just did an interview on the radio and a lot of

people took it as I was saying Yayo was guilty. I said I don’t agree

with no man putting his hands on a kid, and at the time, there was so

much tension with Yayo putting his hands on a child. I know that Yayo

had no involvement on putting his hands on that man’s son.

So 50 came back and pretty much said what [he] had to say, he put a

little bit on it, but [I] respect it because that’s my boss. I could

never walk away or disconnect that I help create as far as G-Unit. So

for me, bro, I’m going to make it real clear for you before we get into

all of that s**t. The minute you see me away from G-Unit will be death

or jail, and God forbid them both. This is something more than music

for Buck. I put my life on the line for this s**t, so it ain’t a walk

away thing. 50, Yayo, Banks, Buck will be together until this

muthaf**ker blows up. So that pretty much ice-waters everything you may

have to say. Did you hear back from Yayo since the incident?

Young Buck: Yeah, we done spoke and now we speaking a little bit closer

now. Because I think that’s what created a lot of the s**t, like our

communication got off a little bit. We all got our own s**t going on we

don’t get to communicate like we always done. Situations like that only

make you closer especially when you’re not the one involved in it and

actions is being taken out on you. And you looking at s**t like, “Hold

up, my n***a.” Did Sha leaving G-Unit records have anything to do with all that’s been happening?

Young Buck: Sha Money didn’t get fired from G-Unit, Sha Money left

behind 50 and Sha choosing to make his move to where it’s at. Sha

thinks he is more hands on being out in the field and working with me.

Sha Money is my manager, rather than being at the office, being

president of a company. Management is where he enjoys it more, that’s

the direction 50 allowed for Sha Money to take. It ain’t no beef

between Sha and 50, none of that s**t. You just put that “Teach Them About Playing” featuring

C-Bo. In the first verse, it seems like you going in hard at 50 but

then you say “You know I die for this G Unit s**t, so what you saying 50?”

Young Buck: I’m just letting the world know and I’m letting 50 know

where my heart is invested at, and I’ll die for this s**t. I was pretty

much asking 50 what you want me to do, what’s the direction? Like tell

me when to go, not in the sense of what you are saying. Because when I

punch the button, homeboy… Did 50 hear the record?

Young Buck: Yeah, he enjoyed the record. You had a brief stint at Cash Money Records when you

were riding with Juvenile. I remember last year you commented on the

infamous Lil’ Wayne and Baby incident. Can you elaborate?

Young Buck: I never seen Juvenile or B.G. or even Turk push that line

of kissing, I’ve only seen Wayne. Yeah, I seen Wayne personally do it a

few times. I seen him do it from the perspective of being on 106th and Park,

when they did it on the couch and one time on the tour bus. The first

time I ever seen that s**t, they did it on the bus when I was traveling

amongst them. Honestly, I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, it

f**ked me up, bro! Like it was a game going on or something between

them. The n***a was like, “Give me a kiss, n***a,” and I was like,

“What the f**k?”

[After that], I went on the other bus – the shark bus with all the

goons. I was a broke n***a, so I stayed in my atmosphere at the time,

you feel me? [Laughs] Wayne stayed on Baby’s bus. But at the end of the

day, to each his own, in a situation like that, a real n***a like me, I

ain’t with it. I spoke on it to say what it is, but there’s no beef

between me and Lil’ Wayne, I have no problems with him. I actually just

spoke with Lil’ Wayne about doing the remix to my “Get Buck” record and

he agreed to [do it]. Have you spoken to Baby?

Young Buck: I haven’t spoken to Baby at all. Even when I spoke to

Wayne, I told him let Baby know I said what up and he said he would. What was like meeting up with Jadakiss?

Young Buck: At the end of the day, it was nothing f**ked up about it.

We paid tribute to Bob Marley and put a couple up in the air, and kept

it moving. It is what it is, it wasn’t no disrespectful s**t. So you just bumped into him at the V.I.P.?

Young Buck: I don’t want to say actually whose room he was at, because

that would get that NBA player in trouble since we were all smoking and

s**t. ‘Kiss was in that room and I had knowledge he was over there so I

swung through. So when you walked in the door, was it tense?

Young Buck: It wasn’t tense, it was just a quiet moment though. [Laughs] You could hear a pin drop?

Young Buck: Yeah definitely a quiet moment where you can hear a pin

drop and everything went back to what it was. It wasn’t any extra s**t.

I just sat in front of him and pretty much asked him how he was looking

at it. He said he wasn’t tripping and just wanted to get to the money.