Three Questions For: Big Tigger


Big Tigger is one of hip-hop’s most well-known icons. Not only was he a staple of BET — Rap City’s Tha Basement, 106 & Park — Tigger current hosts the only nationally syndicated hip-hop show, “Live in the Den with Big Tigger.”  When one of the country’s biggest hip hop markets called, Tigger was more than happy to answer.

Replacing Ryan Cameron as the drive time show host on V-103 WVEE, Big Tigger has gotten a warm welcome since arriving to the Peach State. AG Entertainment–Atlanta’s premier party promoters– threw him a Welcome to Atlanta party on New Year’s Day that was hosted by none other than T.I. An emerging media market, a lot of attention is being paid to Atlanta and now Tigger. was excited to get on the phone to talk to our good friend, Tigg and ask him about his new digs, his secret hobby, and which #OOMF he’d love to spend a day hanging out with. So, welcome to Atlanta! Are you excited to be here?

Big Tigger: Hey man, I’m having a good time so far. Southern Hospitality is a true term. In the A, they are showing me a lot of love. Whether it be on the air, or going to the store…Target (laughter), people are like, ‘Hey, Tigger, welcome to the A.’  I attribute that to the hospitality here in the south, and my syndicated show has been playing here for a while and people still remember me from BET. It’s good to feel welcome in a new city. ATL is a big media market, there are various television outlets, and other things popping here aside from the artists. So, it’s perfect for me, I love radio and television, I grew up with it, and that’s what I do. So this is kind of like the perfect storm and the perfect opportunity for me. I’m glad I had the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Do you have a little-known hobby or habit?

I think a lot of people know I like motorcycles, I don’t know if people know I love playing and watching basketball. One of my other hobbies, and I still do it even though I am a Ciroc boy and we rep Ciroc all day, I’ve been a collector of Cognac (for years). I have like 69 different brands, different marks, different levels of cognac from around the world. My crown jewel in this achievement, one of my favorite bottles costs $5,000, it’s in a Lalique crystal glass, and if you went out to a club to order it, it would cost about $500 a shot. Yeah, especially when I was with BET and Rap City we got to travel around the world and I would see bottles, like, ‘Oooh, I want that bottle…’ and it became like a hobby. It can be a rather expensive hobby because cognac bottles can range anywhere from $25 to $5,000, and there’s a good, I’d say, 60 bottles I’ll never open.

Who do you follow on Twitter, that you wish you could follow in real life for one day?

Our President, Barack Obama. I would just see what his day is like. The interactions, his struggles, his triumphs; as a Black man who does not have a family yet, I would love to see his interactions with the First Family. How he raises his daughters, how he interacts with the First Lady. I think for anybody, that would be an amazing experience, but especially for me that would be boss. So, Barack, let me know. Let me shadow you for a day.

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