Trick Daddy Talks Supporting Miami Rappers, Never Meeting With Lil Wayne + Artists Getting “Trinidad Jamesed"


(AllHipHop Features) In the final part of’s interview, Trick Daddy shares his thoughts on more topics related to the Miami-Dade County representative. One of the those points covers a statement from rising MIA star Denzel Curry featured in the recent The Field: Miami documentary.

During a segment of the film, Curry expressed his belief there is a lack of support for his city’s new school from some of its homegrown Hip Hop veterans. Trick offers his own opinion about whether he should be personally backing every new Miami star. He also touches on his past issues with South Florida transplant Lil Wayne, the state of the music industry, and his future entertainment ventures as well.

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In The Field there was a moment where Denzel Curry said he felt like a lot of the veteran rappers from Miami don’t really support the new artists. Do you feel like that’s true?

I don’t feel like that’s true at all, and I don’t think he meant it like that. First of all, there’s too many n***as trying to be rappers. They need to try and be something else.

The girls used to want to be teachers and nurses. Now they want to be models and strippers. The dudes used to want to be football players, basketball players, doctors, and lawyers. Now they wanna be drug dealers, killers, or rappers. Everybody can’t be a rapper.

Another thing. My momma got eleven kids with ten different men. With that being said, ain’t nobody ever gave me s**t. Don’t nobody owe me s**t. I don’t owe nobody else s**t. Nobody gives nobody nothing. If you want to be respected as a rapper, make some good rap music.

So when you say, “support the rap artists,” everybody that wants to be a rapper, I’m supposed to support it? Even if I feel like he can’t rap? What if I feel like his songs are wack? Even if I feel like his jeans are too tight?

Are there any particular rappers out now that you do support? Anyone that you feel is representing music the way you think it should be represented?

Yeah, there’s new up-and-coming artists. There’s a lot of them. Busta Free has a good record. He has a good system that he’s working under. There’s Chaos, Young Quay, Mike Smiff, YD.

The record companies are not giving them a chance to be known on a national level, let alone world-wide, because the deals they’re offering them is bulls**t. The new rappers, if they ain’t careful, are gonna get “Trinidad Jamesed.”

Trinidad James came out with his own style, his own sound. Everybody respected it. Then he signed to a major label, and then they did the remix to his song. They put three of their favorite artists on the remix and didn’t put him on the remix. Now he’s been cut from the label, and his career is probably done if he’s not lucky.

Now you’re not getting your record played in the club [in Miami]. The DJs on South Beach are from out of the city, state, and country. The only local DJs here work at the radio stations, and they’re only allowed to play the records the program directors tell them to play. Then you have strip club DJs. DJ Khaled blew up and got big, but DJ Khaled is from New Orleans, by way of Orlando. He’s not from Miami.

Speaking of Khaled, he’s with Cash Money. You’ve said that you and Lil Wayne never had any personal issues with each other, but have you had the chance to sit down and talk to each other since he made those comments about Miami?

That’s a man law to address any differences or hearsay to remove all doubt. That’s a man law. That’s something that you’re supposed to do – look a man in his eye. You gotta have men around you to keep you on that level.

There’s a lot of people around these certain individuals that are groupies, “mini-mes,” “me-toos,” and “yes men.” They’re not gonna tell him, “Well, you’re down in Miami. People think you and Trick are beefing. Why don’t y’all set up something? Y’all ain’t gotta be friends, but just holla at him.” It’s none of that. Everybody’s cockblocking. Everybody’s jockeying for position.

[Someone may say,] “Man I wanna do [a party with] Trick and Lil Wayne at KODs.” [Someone else will say,] “Oh no, just do Lil Wayne by himself cause they don’t get along. Plus, Trick got all those thugs with him. They’re gonna start something.” That’s how the game is.

That’s why me and Lil Wayne never sat down… actually, I spoke to Baby. Slim is like a big brother/uncle to me and one of my favorites from the Cash Money camp. I think they have a lot of respect for me, and I have a lot of respect for them. So I don’t think there’s nothing to talk about. It was just some issues that were brought up that I felt like I had to say something about. Other than that, it’s cool. I’m not beefing with nobody.

What’s going on with your reality show?

I start filming next week. I’m actually filming some sizzle reel and some other extra stuff starting next week. I want to get it picked up, but if we can’t, I’ll just film all of it and then send it to a network.

I don’t want nobody making me look corny. If I had opportunities to be in a movie I’m not going to be the homosexual in the movie. I’m not going to be the snitch in the movie. I’m not going to be addicted to drugs or alcohol in the movie I’m gonna be me in the movie.

I have a problem with somebody telling me do this or do that. That’s what’s wrong with TV and music these days, cause nobody tries nothing different. Everybody does what the last person did that worked.

Do you have plans to release new music anytime soon?

I’m actually working on music right now. I have a song called “That’s Why We Pray” featuring Kelly Rowland, and I have a song called “Thinking About You” featuring the legendary Michael Sterling.

If you notice, on my features I don’t get the new hot dude. I’m not paying $150,000 for a feature. I’m not doing that, so I’m not gonna get the new hot guy. But I do get the people who I deal with. In the past – on my last eight albums – everybody that I featured I got the person that fit the criteria what the song was about.

My favorite R&B singer is – because she’s so hood and so ghetto and I love her – that’s probably my next move is to try and get Fantasia. I’m f**king with Rich Homie Quan cause I can relate to his music. And Jeezy and Scarface. Jeezy is my brother from another mother, and Scarface is my big brother/uncle as well. So I will always f**k with those guys. Out of everybody else, I f### with Boosie and Yo Gotti.

It’s a very few of them, because I don’t wanna do music with a dude who gets on a record talking about he’s dope dealing, he a real n****a, and then when I see him he shakes my hand. Don’t shake my hand, real n***as give dap. He’s talking proper on interview and talking ignorant on the record. You’re getting into character? You’re making these kids think it’s cool, but you’re making a fool out of them.

Like some of these dudes with college credits getting on a record speaking like I speak. I don’t say “children.” I say “chillren.” I’m working on music just unfortunately the new hot producers, they get caught being groupies, and all the rappers that are hot now get the good tracks. After while, all the music sounds alike.

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