UFO FEV Explains How A “Spiritual Call” From Diddy Opened Up His Independent Rap Galaxy


UFO FEV is an alien lyrically. In this exclusive interview, he explains how Diddy inspired him in one call, how Fat Joe mentors him, how Roc Nation fell through and how he’s betting on himself now.

Sean “Diddy” Combs made a “spiritual call” that changed UFO FEV‘s life. UFO FEV stands in a unique space as Hip-Hop matures and expands. He’s like a young OG, blessed with wisdom and connections, but also youthful in a way that could shift the culture. When Diddy called, the Harlem-bred rapper was feeling dejected and unenthused about his career. “My uncle had passed away and I was feeling a little down on music,” he says. “And it wasn’t showing no returns.” Then, out of nowhere, Diddy his phone.

After the call with the Bad Boy founder, he “found” himself again and the world opened up. Now, he’s one of the premier emcees in New York City, calls Fat Joe as a mentor and friend. He explains to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur how turning down Roc Nation opened up his world to success as an indie artist. But Fev hasn’t made it yet, his humble beginnings and extreme talent make him a potentially a transformative figure in the rap game. All of this, how former Bad Boy Black Rob gave him his rap name, his view on New York City, his projects, why he doesn’t cuss and more included in this exclusive interview.