#Unf_ckTheWorld: Detroit MC FowL, The League of Young Voters Release New Mixtape


The New Year is here, representing a pivotal time for engagement in American politics! The League of Young Voters Education Fund is ready to kick in the door today (January 3, 2012), by encouraging young people across the country to participate in voter registration and grassroots community causes.

As part of their year-round strategies, The League of Young Voters Education Fund presents Generation Next: #Unf_ckTheWorld, a four-part digital music showcase featuring some of America’s top indie urban musicians and activists.

Leaders from The League said that, in 2012, they hope to offer a “no holds barred look into the communities that inspire their music and their art.” And, their hope is that, as they “aim to raise up the creative solutions for the next generation,” mixtape listeners will be pushed to do more in their own backyards.

Detroit rapper FowL is the first artist featured in the #Unf_ckTheWorld series, which raises the following questions to young Americans on the cusp of an important election and critical time period across the globe:

  • What if the world doesnt’t get taken over by robots, riddled by nuclear war, and/or destroyed by climate change?
  • What if instead of fear and oppression, we used love and intelligence to solve our “99 Problems”?
  • What if instead of politicians that sucked, we built a generation from the ground up?
  • What if we were the solution?
  • What if we #UNF_CKTHEWORLD“?

It’s possible! AllHipHop.com and The League of Young Voters Education Fund invite you to #Unf_ckTheWorld! To learn more, visit www.99Problems.org, or shout out The League of Young Voters Education Fund on Twitter (@TheLeague99).

Download the new mixtape, Generation Next: #Unf_ckTheWorld HERE.

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Generation Next: #Unf_ckTheWorld Tracklisting:
1. “UnF_ck Detroit” (Intro)
2. “Black is Beautiful”
3. “Living Like a Legend”
4. “Live from Detroit”
5. “I’m Busy”
6. “Who Is You”
7. “Whoop Whoop”
8. “UnF_ck Detroit” (Interlude)
9. “All Up In My Mix”
10. “Get Up Out My Way”
11. “Holla At’cha Boy”
12. “The League Freestyle”
13. “Hey Gurl”
14. “Screens, Doors”
15. “Pieces Of Pain”