VIDEO: Beyond The Foreign Front Lines, Immortal Technique Is An MC


Simply put, Immortal Technique is that dude.

One would be hard pressed to find anyone worth their salt in the music industry who has something negative to say about him. He puts himself on the front lines to save orphans in foreign lands from certain demise. He feeds the hungry in Third World countries, and pontificates with the likes of Dr. Cornel West on lofty world issues on his The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique documentary. And when it comes to being vocal on issues such as Trayvon Martin, there isn’t anyone quite like him in the game, and he seems perfectly content with his uniqueness.

Then, of course, one must remember that Immortal Technique is a rapper. That he can change the world and spit lines of fury at the same time makes him one to watch (out) for. It might be that his lyrics are like sword-worthy, razor sharp jabs being thrown at our societal ills. Or, it might be the samurai-like delivery with which he schools people nearly every time he speaks. He’s not mainstream, and possibly held back by his staunch independence. When you lose his point (which you will), it’s not because he’s boring. It’s because he has so much to say, and you’re possibly just not smart enough.

Whatever it is, Immortal Technique is a special blend. His music is not for the faint of heart, but it’s there for the taking for those who choose to pay attention and venture beyond the activist in him. sat down with Immortal Technique recently to hear about his impact on the music and touring circuits, and why he’s simply that dude. Watch the video, and then check out his documentary trailer and new music below:

Watch The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique Official Trailer:

Download Immortal Technique’s “Toast To The Dead” off The Martyr album.