VIDEO: Wordsmith, The "Thinking Man's MC", Cranks Out Blue Collar Music On New "King Noah" Album


With his new album, King Noah, Baltimore MC Wordsmith has set out to erase any resemblance of an average Rap album with his boom-bap beats meeting acoustic, alternative, and pop instrumentation. It’s an interesting gamble to take on your second solo release, but Wordsmith is all about gambling and taking chances on what he enthusiastically calls “blue collar music.”

Maryland’s “thinking man’s MC” crafted his new album with the hope that it will one day serve as a yearbook of sorts for his friends, family, and fans to look back on years from now. But most importantly, King Noah is dedicated to Smith’s son, Kingston Noah Parker, and will forever be a celebration of their relationship and his own struggles to become the father he was always destined to be. spoke to Wordsmith before the album’s release about his “blue collar music,” the makings of a “thinking man’s MC,” why King Noah’s time is now, and much more. Check out our exclusive interview with Wordsmith below:

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Wordsmith’s New Album King Noah Is Available Now