AllHipHop’s Woman Crush Wednesday: The Unabashed, Amber Rose


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2015 is proving to be a highly successful year for the candid and curvaceous, Amber Rose. This year she is set to release her anticipated book, How To Be a Bad B####, to star as “Lexi” in the feature film Sister Code, and is ready to usher in her S### Walk. This endeavor is scheduled to take place next month in Los Angeles.

The South Philly native has triumphantly brought many of her lofty dreams into fruition.  As a  self-made entrepreneur, “Muva” has had many successful forays into the fields of modeling, fashion, writing, and acting. Regardless of her sometimes precarious relationship status, the dedicated mother is determined to cement her happiness as well as her financial security.

Scroll through the gallery to be easily reminded why Amber Rose has had such an impact on Pop culture.