Who Killed Jam Master Jay? Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What was the climate within the group Rusty Waters? Was there any beef in the group? S: As far as Rusty Waters goes, it’s just like Run said. Jay was the glue behind everything. Now that Jay is gone, everybody is scattered. Ain’t nothing like it used to be. It use to be all […]

AllHipHop: What was the climate within the group

Rusty Waters? Was there any beef in the group?

S: As far as Rusty Waters goes, it’s just like

Run said. Jay was the glue behind everything. Now that Jay is gone, everybody

is scattered. Ain’t nothing like it used to be. It use to be all of us

hanging, running around the world, going to these different cities, all that

sh*t is over. The same n*ggas that used to hang don’t speak anymore.

AllHipHop: But before Jay passed, there was no

problems in the group?

S: Rusty Waters was cool, but Jay felt relieved

when they got their deal. It was like he felt that he owed them, like I gotta

get these n*ggas on. He got them out of his pocket and he was happy. He was

like "Now we can start

f*cking with these movies, I’m through with the rap sh*t." n*ggas didn’t

even know that Jay wasn’t f*ckin with that rap sh*t no more, it was all about

the movies.

AllHipHop: Boe Skagz, Jay’s nephew, was absent

when Jay was shot. He’s never been implicated, but what happened earlier in

the day? I heard that earlier in the day before Jay was shot, they all went

to get haircuts and for one reason or another, Boe was the only one that didn’t

and that’s where he went the night Jay was shot, which is why he wasn’t at the


S: That’s true, that happened. Boe didn’t get

his haircut and Randy was stressing for him to get his hair cut later. There

is no question, if Boe was in the studio when that sh*t happened, Boe would

be dead with Jay or the n*gga who tried to do that would be dead, no question.

Boe would have givin his life for Jay just like me.

AllHipHop: Why was Randy stressing so hard for

Boe to get his haircut later?

S: I am questioning so much sh*t now. After that

sh*t I heard on the radio I’m questioning everything. I believed in Randy. I

believed that dude loved Jay. Now I’m like what the f*ck is really going on?

Why did he tell me that

bogus story for no reason? He told me a bogus story for no reason.

AllHipHop: Randy said that he chased the gunman

down and that’s how the studio gun was found outside, right? Did he ever give

a reason as to why he dropped it and never brought it back into the studio?

S: He told me some bullsh*t about he didn’t want

the police to find the gun in the studio so he put it outside. But then he told

me they did find it and got his prints off the gun. He told em what happened

and it could have

f*cked him up cause he is a felon, but they gave him a pass.

AllHipHop: So the police just gave him a pass

in the biggest hip-hop murder investigation in hip-hop?

S: Aye man, that’s what he told me. I heard him

on the radio, I tried to call him today. All his numbers are changed, 2way,

cellphone and everything.

AllHipHop: Lydia sent AllHipHop a press

release saying that she basically didn’t

see anything. What did she tell you and how did Curtis Scoon come to be the

major suspect, if she says she didn’t see anything?

S: I spoke to Randy and then I flew back to New

York. I called him when I got in. He told me Lydia looked him right in his face

and said that Scoon did it.

AllHipHop: Is that how the cops came up with

Curtis Scoon being the main suspect?

S: That’s what I thought. I got the million dollar

question. I’ll give Randy the benefit of the doubt and say the killer didn’t

know they were in the back. They shot Jay and just say they shot Pretty Tone.

Why didn’t they shoot Lydia? You tell me why a man comes in and kills my man

in cold blood and I’m talking about did not touch her? You answer that question

for me and we can start figuring out who killed Jay. I heard so many different

stories. The cops said they call her the drama queen, cause every time they

try to question her she goes into tears and convulsions and sh*t. Man you don’t

understand, we were all family! We flew around doing these DJ gigs and I

can’t believe how these n*ggas are turning on Jay like this. They going to all

these radio stations and sh*t. Why aren’t they going to the police?

AllHipHop: So the building the studio was in

and how it’s setup, there’s a barbershop downstairs. In order to get in, you

have to be buzzed in and then go up the stairs to the studio. Someone had to

buzz the door open right?

S: They say the door was open because of a seminar

going on.

AllHipHop: How could the gunman just go into

the studio and do this? The gunman must have been familiar with the building

and the area, right?

S: That’s real, that’s real.

AllHipHop: What about Tinard Washington? I know

he is locked up now for robbing some motels. He was reported as allegedly being

the lookout. I don’t know how true that is, but what was his involvement with


S: All of those people towards the end that ran

with Jay, were all Randy’s people. None of them were people Jay grew up with.

Everybody was from Randy.

AllHipHop: Jay lived near some highways. I hate

to say this but, why would they target him at the studio, when there is

a police precinct right around the corner?

S: Well Jay shot around so much, whoever did

it was probably like we gonna get him now, or we may not get him.

AllHipHop: Do you think he was being followed?

Or was it spontaneous?

S: I’ma tell you man, I think that sh*t was planned


AllHipHop: According to published


, authorities are investigating whether or not Supreme, who

was affiliated with Murder Inc. set 50 Cent up when he was shot nine times.

When this first broke, various media reported that Jay may have been a casualty

in their beef or some kind of rap feud,

but I heard that Jay was actually trying to broker some peace between the two.

S: I don’t know if he was speaking to them cats,

but I know he was speaking to 50. In Chicago and Puerto Rico, he was telling

50 to focus on this music. I don’t know if he was speaking to Irv or Ja, I don’t

know nothing about

that sh*t, but I know he was speaking to 50 and telling him to leave that bullsh*t


AllHipHop: Early on, AllHipHop took a lot of

heat when we printed that Randy Allen was being investigated. From what I hear,

Randy was engaged in some suspicious activities after Jay was shot. I heard

that he was out looking

for studio space the day after Jay was shot.

S: Yeah that’s real.

AllHipHop: I also heard that he took money out

of the bank account of Hot Ta Def, Jay’s production company.

S: Yeah he took all of the money, he did that.

AllHipHop: How much money did he take out of


S: Nobody knows. His sister being Jay’s business

manager, we will never know. Last I heard she was telling Terri she would help

get Jay’s sh*t in order, but she gotta get paid for it. The last thing I heard

is that the only way she would do that is if she got some cheese off it. It

all goes back to everyone trying to profit on Jay’s death.

AllHipHop: How’s the family doing? Right after

he was killed, Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen led a drive to raise money for

his family, Adidas put the sneaker out. How is the family doing to the best

of your knowledge?

S: Man I feel like everything is in disarray.

I don’t think Jay knew how powerful he was, dude was the backbone of everything

and it’s like there’s no backbone. Everybody is going their own separate ways.

It’s like they just gonna let him be gone and n*ggas seem like they just don’t

give a f*ck man. Everybody wanna say "I heard, this and that." They

need to find out. I ain’t even in New York and I hear sh*t. I know somebody

knows something man. I

know n*ggas know. They wanna get paid for it. What kinda sh*t is that?

AllHipHop: Randy is supposed to be coming out

with a record clearing the air?

S: Man that’s a money stunt. I’m so p##### man.

These n*ggas just abandoning my man. I kinda wish Jay was faking his death so

he could see how they are doing him and disgracing him. I am not saying get

in the street and blaze your guns. Give my man some respect. If you know what

happen, say something. All this sh*t that is happening to Randy, he did every

last bit of this sh*t to his self. All this beef with Terri, whatever, this

sh*t should be squashed. Here is the money from Hot Ta Def, you can have the

money in the account. Whether it was $5, $5,000 or $500,000, he should have

gave it to T and kept it moving. He should have cleared the air with Jay’s Mom.

He still should have even though they kind of pushed him away. It’s been almost

a year since all this sh*t happened and now everyone is on the radio and MTV

and writing books. Man f*ck this sh*t and find out who did this to Jay and do

that afterwards.

AllHipHop: I heard Terri wouldn’t let Randy in

their house. Can you comment on Randy and Terri’s beef?

S: Nah man. I’ma tell you like this. Randy

had me believing him. Now this n*gga gonna get on the radio and flip a whole

different story from what he told me? That’s terrible.

I be watching sh*t on TV, crime stories, “Unsolved

Mysteries” and they find out who killed people with NO witnesses. We got

5 people in the room and no one saw anything? Everyone is telling a different

story and no one should be. And I can’t even fault the police, I am gonna give

them the benefit of the doubt, ‘cause I don’t think anyone is cooperating.

They are disrespecting my man. Everyday they

wake up and know that they know something about this sh*t and don’t say nothing,

they know they aren’t honoring Jay. I am talking about the people that loved

Jason Mizzell and not Jam Master Jay. Whoever did this is just walking the streets.

Everyone from that standpoint needs closure, cause I damn sure know I do.