50 Cent Explains Why “G-Unit Had To Get Dropped”, Hip Hop Consumers Being “Fiends” + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent once said “depression is a luxury I can’t afford”, so he is well adept to making tough decisions. Today (March 31st), 50 Cent appeared on The Breakfast Club and spoke on why G-Unit had to be dropped, how Jay Z, Fabolous and Lloyd Banks are essentially the same persona and more.

When 50 left Interscope and transitioned from the major label to his new independent venture with Caroline/Capitol/UMG, he admits that certain changes had to be made because he has to incur new expenses. According to 50, Banks and Yayo outgrew their original contracts and became too financially liable to continue to be signed to Interscope:

They had to get dropped. G-Unit had to get dropped, because their contracts said that they would receive $750,000 a piece on their next records. Then you go ‘the deal is too good.’ SO Interscope goes ‘Nah, we got to let them go’. Why? ‘Because we can find…we can let the new guy come in that we did not give any money up front. Kendrick Lamar’s success is his success. The work that they did, groundwork is what sold his record, because the records didn’t work at radio until AFTER the record sold.

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One of 50’s favorite talking topic over the past month has been his rival Jay Z. During the interview, he used Jay Z’s treatment of his new artists to help elucidate the reasoning for why he wished for Banks and Yayo to have been more productive independent of him:

The record company’s job is not to build your momentum. Look at Jay Z. When Jay Z sign a guy, you don’t see him around that person at all. Util that guy hot enough to function without Jay Z. Then he might use that momentum that the guy has to keep himself cool for a little bit then move away from him and go back to doing the Jay thing.

Recently boisterous radio host STAR revealed that Jay Z once sold him cocaine back in the 1980s, a past that Jay Z has attributed to his lucrative business acumen. 50 also implements parts of his drug dealing past with his recent promotion of new music for Animal Ambition:

I’m not giving the audience enough time to get high off of something else. Hip Hop consumers ARE fiends. They will cop from anyone who has something good. He don’t have to be a regular. He can be a Trinidad James come in ‘gold all in my grill.’

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