50 Cent Talks Relationship With Dr. Dre & Floyd Mayweather; Continues To Clown Floyd


(AllHipHop News) G-Unit have been making their rounds to different radio outlets to promote the new The Beauty of Independence EP.

The crew stopped by Power 106’s The L.A. Leakers to discuss the project, and of course other topics related to G-Unit’s leader 50 Cent were brought up.

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Taking questions from fans on Twitter, 50 was asked about his relationship with former label head Dr. Dre and frenemy Floyd Mayweather.

On Dr. Dre:

I’m always going to be good with Dre. To not be good with Dre is.. creates extreme conflict with [Eminem], because Em is my Dr. Dre. And Dre is to Em’s career what he is to mine, so I would never do nothing like that.

On Floyd Mayweather:

Like I always say, he’s like my younger brother, but if he says something I’m gonna respond to it, because I think he thinks he can say anything and do anything publicly. Like he’ll do things and then take it back. You see how he said to T.I., he slept with his girl. Then he said he didn’t say that, he was just kidding.

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50 then said Mayweather needs to reach out to members of his family that he is no longer speaking with. The Hip Hop mogul points out that Mayweather also had a falling out with his own father.

He added:

He goes through that thing where he falls out with people. No matter how close they are to him or who they are. He’ll fall out with them, and it just takes him his time to get back around being cool with him.

On the part of his pops [Floyd Mayweather Sr.], I’d always say, “Nah, don’t say that. That’s your father”… When he was gonna train Oscar [De La Hoya] to fight him, but you wouldn’t pay him. So if you ain’t gonna pay him, how he gonna eat? Champ got a lot of different things with him. Don’t get it twisted at all, he’s still the best fighter… He won’t kick my ass. I’m 220 right now.

Meanwhile, 50 is not letting up on his social media attacks against Mayweather. He posted another joke picture aimed at the boxing champ on Instagram.

The latest meme featured a photo of Manny Pacquiao with the text, “SEND TEXT TO FLOYD KNOWING HE CAN’T READ.” The caption read, “Champ I met them girls they cute, now you know I like that. LMAO.”

Fiddy’s IG post came in conjunction with Top Rank promotion CEO Bob Arum revealing he believed the long-awaited Mayweather-Pacquiao fight could take place in early 2015.

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Listen to the G-Unit interview below.