Biggie's Son CJ Wallace Responds To Satirical Article Claiming He's Engaged To A Man


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(AllHipHop News) An article posted on the satirical website The News Nerd claiming The Notorious B.I.G.’s son CJ Wallace was engaged to a man has been circulating on the Internet. The article is obviously untrue, but people have been sharing the post on social media causing others to believe the story is factual.

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The rumors of Wallace being gay began after he posted a picture to Instagram of him hugging a friend from behind during his high school graduation. The News Nerd created a fake article based on the speculation online that Biggie’s boy recently came out of the closet.

The site runs a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that reads: “The stories posted on TheNewsNerd are for entertainment purposes only. The stories may mimic articles found in the headlines, but rest assured they are purely satirical.” There is no clear mention in the article itself that the story is fabricated.

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Wallace used his Twitter account to address the News Nerd piece. Read his posts below:

CJ Wallace Tweet 3

CJ Wallace Tweet2

Cj Wallace Tweet 4

CJ Wallace Tweet 5

CJ Wallace 6

This is not the first time someone connected to Hip Hop has been the subject of a fake news story that was circulated as real. Last year The Daily Currant ran a satirical article quoting Kanye West referring to himself as “the next Nelson Mandela.”

The former South African president had recently died, and many people online blasted Kanye for what they perceived as blatant disrespect toward the iconic anti-apartheid revolutionary, not knowing the Daily Currant article was completely untrue.

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