Chris Brown Faces Probation Violation, Please Don't Judge Him


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(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown is headed back to court today. The Associated Press is reporting that Los Angeles County prosecutors are seeking to revoke the R&B star’s probation stemming from his guilty plea in a felony assault case for beating singer Rihanna in 2009.

While recent news about Brown’s altercation with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean has been widely reported in recent weeks, the prosecution is claiming that Brown’s main violation of the terms of his probation involve not completing the required 180 days of community labor he was sentenced to perform.

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Brown was allowed to carry out his manual labor requirement in his home state of Virginia, but after investigators traveled to Richmond to verify the logged hours they began to question the validity of his submissions.

A portion of the hours Brown had reported to complete were logged at a daycare center that Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, had once worked at as the director and Brown had attended as a child.

A motion filed by prosecutors states that logs submitted by the Richmond Police Department, who was overseeing Brown’s community service, showed that he committed to double shifts at the daycare and other locations. Prosecutors also allege that many of the hours were unsupervised and could not be confirmed to have been completed.

“This inquiry provided no credible, competent or verifiable evidence that defendant Brown performed his community labor,” Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray wrote in the motion.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, believes the court filing is unwarranted and that the DA’s office is ignoring evidence. He cited the fact that the Richmond Police Department signed off on Brown’s completed community service.

In the motion, prosecutors write that Brown’s supervision by Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood was “unusual” and had not been approved by Virginia’s probation office. The motion also says that the Virginia probation office had not supervised any of Brown’s hours.

A detective who was sent to checked if Brown was working at the daycare center reported that the singer was present on the nine occasions he visited the site, but Brown was only accompanied by his mother and a bodyguard. No one from the police department was there.

The only evidence that the District Attorney’s office has that police officers supervised Brown were overtime logs submitted by the officers, but 5 of the 21 days the officers logged overtime for were days they worked as security at Brown’s concerts.

The January 27 fight with Ocean and the 2011 incident where Brown threw a chair through a window after appearing on “Good Morning America” were also mentioned in the motion filed by the prosecution. They say both episodes are examples that Brown has not resolved his anger management issues. Brown was not arrested or charged for either of those disputes.

If the judge sides with the District Attorney’s office Brown could be forced to redo six months of manual labor, and may also face misdemeanor penalties.

Source: USA Today