Dr. Dre: A Psychic Told Me I Don’t Have To Come Back If I Don’t Want To


(AllHipHop News) We may have finally found out the reason Dr. Dre has been stalling the release of Detox for over 10 years. In a recent feature with Esquire, Dr. Dre talks outlawing his own music in his house, reincarnation and how 5 seconds resulted in one of the most infectious Hip Hop choruses ever.

Dr. Dre’s third (and presumably final) album Detox has been anticipated, scrapped, finished and non-existent since the mid-00’s and Dre may have shed light as to its stalled released. After admitting that he believes not only in reincarnation but that he himself has “lived quite a few lives”, Dre says a meeting with an anonymous psychic at a party made him rethink his career:

She did past-life regression. She started telling me things that I really believe. She’s telling me that I’ve been back several times before. ‘This is the last time you have to come back. You don’t have to come back anymore if you don’t want to.’ I was taking it as entertainment. But something inside me was saying, Hmmm.

Two years ago, Snoop Dogg informed NME Magazine that Detox was “almost finished” around the time Dre’s Eminem and Skylar Grey-assisted single “I Need A Doctor” had became the first Dr. Dre song to surpass 2 million digital downloads. However, no release date for the mysterious album has surfaced.

Also in the feature is the man who says he’s spent “seventy-nine hours without sleep” to work on music admitting that one of his biggest hits, Eminem’s “My Name Is” was started rather quickly:

I put the track on, we had a little bit of idle chitchat, I put on the beat, and maybe five seconds in—I swear to God—he goes, “Hi, my name is.” That was it. And it’s still clicking. There’s something about our thing that’s just magical.

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